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Come dunk me Saturday at Fredericksburg Heritage Festival

At 1 p.m. on Saturday I will be in downtown Fredericksburg in a dunk tank.

The dunk tank location is near where Wings on the Water used to be off Sophia Street. The city is turning it into a waterfront park.

I believe the cost is about $5 for a few throws and it all goes to charity. I am allowed to heckle, and I will heckle.

Here is your chance, folks.

Practice your throws or I will heckle you like you’ve never been heckled before.

I am going to be a loud mouth in that booth. I’d like to break a record for most money raised in 30 minutes, which is the amount of time I will be in the dunk tank. I have no problems staying in longer if there is a line, which I hope there is. I have this feeling I will walk away dry because none of you has aim. Bring it.


  • Ryan Green

    because none of you have aim.

  • bhaas

    Two questions Dan:

    Who else will make appearances in the “dunk” tank?

    What are you going to do when my very good friend named Strasburg shows up? heheh.

    Congratulations on your courage for a good cause.

  • SteveThomas

    Dan, unfortunately for me I’ll be at the Spotsy Stars and Stripes Spectacular setting up the GOP’s booth. I would have liked to show you just how on-target my aim is when I throw righthanded!

    Congrats again for doing something so worthwhile. I hope you heckle the hell out of Bill, Marty and Larry as they fire errant curveballs landing in the river, Dixon Park, and scattered all over old town F’berg. Hope you raise a bundle.

  • Dan Telvock

    Steve, you are just a chicken! Set up that booth early and get downtown for 30 minutes. Eric Martin can run that booth for 30 minutes! Put your money where your mouth is, Mr. Chicken!


  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    right idea – wrong location! Dan.. next year.. get yourself to the Spotsy town square where I will guarantee dunking with a vengeance.

    But congrats for having your heart in the right place even if the wrong location.


  • SteveThomas

    I see the heckling is beginning early! But strangely, it bears a striking resemblance to your reporting…

    Just remember, Republicans are gun-rights believers. Our aim is BOUND to be better than the average (liberal) City resident. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned!

  • Dan Telvock

    Steve is using the old “journalist is biased” trick. Lame.

    Come on Steve. If you don’t show up at the dunk tank Saturday, we all will know why: you’ve got no aim.


    Larry, last I knew there was this invention called a “car.” Once again, you’re a flaming liberal with no aim.

    Wow, this is the most fun I’ve had on this blog in years!

    Where’s Marty?

    Remember, this is all for charity.

  • Dan Telvock


    I am not sure who else is going to be in the dunk tank. For the elderly like yourself who want to dunk me, I believe they will have softballs. :) BAM!

    I am hoping Matt Kelly is involved because I will be tossing some throws if he is!

    As for Strasburg, I am a Braves fan, and we pummeled the poor kid this week. Good player on a really bad team. I do not fear him.

  • bhaas

    The fun part will be you trying to guess which one of us old “duffers” is me!

  • SteveThomas

    Matt Kelly won’t be able to be there, he’s too busy throwing softballs at Hap on his radio show.

    Oh Dan, all I meant was that your trash talking is weak and insulting to the readers. But don’t worry, we’re used to it! And actually it looks pretty good next the the Braves’ extensive collection of silver medals.


  • bhaas

    Uhhh Ohhh…I think I just detected some serious “age discrimination” and harassment going on around here.