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Anthem Insurance and the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

As Jim Hall reported recently, HCA and Anthem are at odds over working together and the state’s largest insurance network is currently not accepted at the new Spotsylvania hospital.

County supervisors urged Anthem users to call the insurer to support a “fair and equitable” resolution.

You can call Anthem at 800/451-1527 to encourage a solution.

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  • bhaas

    Dan, are you sure it was Skinner? I am pretty sure the meeting I watched showed Connors, right before Skinner was ready to call for a closing motion, interrupting and making his “pitch” to all citizens. I presume Skinner may have agreed with Connors and said so, but I missed that.

  • SteveThomas

    Larry, that is egregiously unfair, and borders on being a personal attack on me. You can agree or disagree with me on the issues, but to call me a political hack? I come out in the open to stand up for my beliefs. That’s the opposite of a political hack. I also never said I was ok with special interest money of any kind.

    We always used to say, “the proof of the puddin is in the eatin’”. Our senator puts himself out there as an expert in health care and is employed by a health provider. AND most of his $$ comes from health firms.

    Yet he is silent on this issue? Something doesn’t make sense.

  • dtelvock

    No, I guess I am not sure anymore. I thought it was Skinner. I will find out.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Ask yourselves whether Government, at any level, Federal, State or Local should take part in resolving health care issues, along the same lines as President Obama is attemting to do in the GULF REGION, without the legal power to do anything but watch from the sidelines and encourage the GULF population to hang on…as it is a work in progress and BP (big oil/coporate America) still doesn’t have any answers or solutions because they weren’t prepared for such a global event to occur and took shortcuts to get us to where we’re standing now.

    Why don’t we WAIT some more for corporate America to make up its mind about THEIR INSURED POPULATION?

    Just a thought, but from a historical point of view it looks to me that we’re following in the same foot steps as our recent financial meltdown and bailouts. Or has that 30 year work in progess been religated to a rumor?

    If Spotsylvania County and State elected officials have no standing in this health care debate, why were they so anxious to build the hospital AND infrastructure in the first place?

    While the debate goes on about who should be involved with this health care issue, no one person or entity has stepped up to do anything about it. We’re just going around in circles and apparently WE only get 3 minutes time at the podium.

    These corporate giants, who claim to know what’s in their clients best best interest should seek help from itself from “WHO”S KIDDING WHO”, pull their bean counters together, establish what part of market share they can live with, and take this off the shoulders of the public, their current retained policy holders. With a good 5 year plan, both should be able to tap into future and sustainable growth, without all the fore-play.

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    re: political hack…

    here’s the passage: “… your position and makes you look like an unprincipled, opportunistic political hack which I’m sure you don’t want to be, right?”

    I stand by it.

    If you look at VPAP, which I showed you, virtually every elected GA rep in our area receives special interest money – including Houck who appears to receive less of it.

    And yet you continue to hit on him claiming that he is taking special interest money and you speculate how this might affect his willingness to get involved in the issue – even though you don’t know anyhow.

    yes. – this walks and talks like a partisan political hack to me.

    not an attack on your person… an attack on what appears to me to be unfair and unwarranted political partisanship – behavior.

    You continued to judge Houck on a different (double) standard than his peer colleagues in the area … and that strikes me as the kind of behavior that I do not admire nor respect.

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    so the question remains… should the govt (including those who would seek to not call it govt but pretend than folks like Houck are not the govt) … should the govt be involved in this kind of local issue?

    we have a lot of talk about the role of govt now days… and I think this is a perfect example for folks to sort themselves out on how they really feel about govt.

    Do you see govt as a voice of the citizens/customers/taxpayers in this kind of situation or do you think the govt should stay out of it?

    It’s a simple question.

    I believe that this is a legitimate role for govt, myself.

    and yes.. you get the govt you have.. which may well be imperfect.. take special interest money and even perhaps not particularly competent at times.

    but at the end of the day – all things good/bad considered.. should the govt be finding out the specifics of the disagreement between MWC, HCA and Anthem?

    My view is that if politicians are telling us to call Anthem that I’d like to know why.

  • bhaas

    A suggestion…Perhaps Larryg should direct his question to Mr. Connors since that is the individual that started this brouhaha.

    My own answer is “h*** no,” but Mr, Connors apparently differs. My view is that if gov absolutely feels the need to butt in, as happened here, their role should be directed at finding out the facts and NOT taking sides.

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    I agree with Gramps for all parties involved. Getting the facts before we do something makes a heck of a lot of sense ….

    the whole affair is a bit rich in irony… after all these years.. Spotsy finally get a medical facility to benefit it’s citizens except for the Anthem “gotcha”…

    Of course.. just to keep things straight here.. Mr. Connors was also the person who objected to local gasoline retailers speaking out against the 2% gas tax also, eh?

    I do find it interesting …still that we have folks who politically hold the position that the govt should not be involved in private enterprises affairs and then at the same time castigate some local govt officials for not showing some “leadership” in asserting the govt’s interests.

  • bhaas

    I think the “key words” are “asserting the govt’s interests.

    Since the 1950′s we have seen a continuing and growing involvement of gov at all levels in virtually everything that affects us. That involvement is so extensive that we have trouble agreeing on what involvement is “good” and what is “bad.” What I might agree is good may not be so good for someone else.

    This “involvement” is particularly insidious at the Fed level, with the state level catching up every day.

    Our politicians feed this involvement because it means power and control and “money.” That is interpreted by the pols as “asserting the govt’s interests.”

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Why don’t we include ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT, including our own local governments who are still allowed to conduct business from behind closed doors, with “human nature” being the very foundation of the false notion that cheating, stealing and a touch of fraud is the genisis for being led by the nose by your elected officials under the guise “we’re only human, we’re not perfect and besides you elected us into office to do the public’s bidding.”

    Simply said, those elected officials are betting against you as being nothing more than a foregone conclusion and a 7-0 vote on consent agendas. Were you to be anything else you might find transparency and accountability something more than just more hollow promises.

    It’s VIRGINIA, and the base of operations in the health care community are in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which has a significant financial interest in the sucess and welfare of its citizens. So, what’s this debate all about other than beating a drum instead of cutting to the chase, without any more excuses being leveled at a corporate fiction for dollars, and a government that is fleeing the scene of their responsibility to its citizens for political and reelection leverage.

    So what do we do now? Take matters into our own hands; Federal, State, AND Local?

    Next time governments throw the public against the wall to see who sticks and who doesn’t, they might want to consider their options without recourse.

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    Marty – you’re a STITCH!

    you clearly don’t care for the way the govt in general operates (join the club) but you seem to have particular venom for Spotsylvania – which as far as I can tell is not particularly better or worse than other local governments ….

    and worse.. you have no solutions.. just more complaints…

    the govt we have is the govt we deserve unless you have some better ideas how citizens can alter the current electoral means of choosing government.

    what does “take matters into our own hands” means?

    I know the Tea Party folks and others frustrated with current govt, especially at the Fed Level would be all ears on how to do this.

    Let’s start at the local level in Spotsylvania.

    How can we get a better , more responsive, more transparent and more accountable govt in Spotsylvania?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    The FLS did it again; removed my response to your cautionary message and eliminated, probably with cause, my recording of the County’s COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOCUS GROUP MEETING NOTES of MAY 21, 2009, 1:00 pm and listing who showes up at these meetings and how there development agendas impact the publics need to know.

    I’ve saved my comments for yet another rainy day. After all, it’s not as if we won’t get any more of those kind of days.

    Larry can tell you how big your umbrella should be to protect you from the elements of good government.

  • dtelvock

    Marty, this is getting really old. No one deleted your comments. Do you ever live a day without accusatory statements? I mean, seriously? I personally am very tired of it and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. If you have such a problem with anything here, why come? But no one is deleting anything here. I ask you to please knock it off.

  • dtelvock

    By the way, all of the discussion about who made the announcement during last week’s meeting is moot because the announcement is on the county Web site

    So, that to me means that the county as a whole and the BOS is supporting that message.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Sorry Dan, but what are you trying to accuse me of?

    I write my comments, enter your on screen CAPTCHA, an error screen comes up, I return to to my comment, enter the NEW CAPTCHA provided an enter “SUBMIT” My comments disappear and this is four times this has happened in 2 months. So’ what is it that you want me to knock off? The truth?

    If the Free Lance Star didn’t make my comments disappear then who did? Check our past blogs and you’ll see even Larry had the same outcome.

    What’s with the “accusatory statements? If you or Bill or Larry or Sam or Mr. Silly have a bone to pick with me, why can’t you bring youselves to answer some really simple questions. Are you using the flavor of my comments AND QUESTIONS to represent your version of accusatory?

    WHY COME? YOU tell me, and while you’re at it, what part of free speech don’t you understand?

    And, NO Dan. Whether YOU are PERSONALLY tired of it or not, OR whether you have never EXPERIENCED anything like my discourse and dialogue, why would it matter to me or anyone else what you PERSONALLY feel?

    This is your blog, not mine. You have some age old commentors who serve up their brand of what’s right and what’s not on a daily bases. You’ve got SAM’s vote and he believes your reporting is the only way to find transparency and accountability in government. While I hardely disagree with SAM’s conclusion, I respect his right to say anything he wants and follow in the foot steps of who ever he wishes to follow, whether it leads anywhere or not.

    So, when it comes to balanced reporting, am I to assume it doesn’t come with PERSONAL PREDJUDICE.?

    Next time you want to get emotional, you might want to consider keeping it to yourself.

    Please recall DAN, you’ve had a copy of the FOCUS GROUP meeting notes of May 21, 2009 for a while. My question to you is where the other meeting minutes have been squirreled away? Better still, why can’t you bring yourself or the Free Lance-Star to admit YOU are not permitted to attend, or is that another one of those things you wish to sqave under title of “accusatory?”

    Just so we get this straight, I’ll recall what comments I’ve made and found missing at your blog site. How’s that for a new beginning.

    My CAPTCHA for the moment is S5AS. Let’s see what happens this time around. My CAPTCHA code was not accepted, returned and found a NEW CAPTCHA YU78. Let’s and see what this CAPTCHA produces

  • dtelvock

    Marty simple solution: If you don’t like the CAPTHA or the process, then don’t use it. I would hate to see you get this frustrated every time just to post a comment here. The process is out of my hands and most people are not reporting any problems.

    Try slowing down a bit. You have to make sure you are typing in the correct words and numbers into the CAPTHA, and then press submit.

    I’ve never had a problem. But you are accusing this newspaper of deleting or removing your comments. Sorry, sir, but that’s not the case. So, I ask you to stop making such silly accusations. Thank you

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    SUCCESS. It worked after the second CAPCHA came up. Right now I have H7VM as my CAPTCHA “cookie”

    To continue:

    The “COMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOCUS GROUP MEETING NOTES…Social Services Conference Room, 4th floor, 10304 Spotsylvania Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22408.”

    “MEETING DATE: May 21, 2009, 1:00pm.”

    “MEMBERS Present: Jon Riley, Silver Co.; Tim Hall, Tricord; Rick Furnival, SDI (aka Sullivan, Donahoe, and Ingalls); Larry Welford, Welford Engineering; Mike Craig, WJ Vakos; ; Bruce Reece, The Engineering Groupe; Rema Cosner; Wayne Cosner; Bill Missell, RDA; Betty Rodrique, Virginia Architectural Metals; Harvey Gold, FABA, Lisa Weaver, Fried Companies.”

    “STAFF Present: Wanda Parrish, Director of Planning; Patrick Mulhern, Planning Manager; Andrew Hopewell, Planner II, Jacob Pastwik, Planner I; Brian Scott, Development Service Manager; Brent Elam, Utilities.”

    “PLANNING COMMISSIONERS: James Strother and Travis Bullock.”

    Anything you would want to know about this meeting and the County’s Development agenda is public knowledge, except the public doesn’t know anything about this FOCUS GROUP or its existence. The big question you guys continue to make circles around, in order not to answer my questions, is where are the OTHER FOCUS GROUP MEETING MINUTES.

    Dan doesn’t have them because he and the press are not invited, or is that too accusatory? Larry doesn’t want to know and subscribes only to his version of “good Government”, transparency and accountability. Anyone with a much different SLANT on things are accused of NOT CARING what good government is while, they hide behind behind the viewing screen, suffering in silence and WAITING for the next shoe to drop.

    Larry gets to poke his stick, not at government, but what he claims to be imperfections of our species, with SAM standing behide “human nature” as a reason for not asking the hard questions for fear of losing his membership with his circle of friends who continue to legislate the public and keep them at arms length. VENOM? Hardly.

    Just questions no one wants to answer, for want of being found out. Want to draw any comparisons. Strap on Wall Street and ask yourself WHO DO YOU TRUST.

    CAPTCHA still the same as I logged in on and am now pushing “Submit Comment… error mesage came up, returned to comment with ANOTHER CAPTCHA CODE-RC3M…will submit again with new CAPTCHA

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    SO, are we talking about State Health Coverage any more, or my take on government response capabilities in the midst of so much silly putty being handed out by the public’s FRIENDS? You guys chose. Your the ones staging this farce. I’ll moderate while you guys contemplate what the truth is and how much applause you anticipate receiving before this curtain comes down.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    DAN” it’s OK to get off your high horse now, or do you want your emotions to get the better of you. When was the last time you shared the County’s take on Free Speech. What do you have over there; anarchy. Spotsylvania County is an oligarchy and I’ve said as much, openly and without reservation. So, why all the energy being expended to make me go away? If you want to get personal that’s OK. I can only suggest that you watch where you step, even if it is across the line you drew in the sand in 2007.

    By the way, every comment I’ve made in the past, the CAPTCHA cookie was DOUBLE CHECKED before submiting, Whether you haven’t had this problem to date, try asking Larry whether he has. It’s a matter of record.

    If I didn’t know any better, I could swear you guys are trying much to hard to to avoid answering the questions.

    DAN, your self righteous indignation really doesn’t serve you well or anyone else, when you put journalistic protocol and disiplines to the side, and give a whoopi to your personal feelings that don’t have a thing to do with this blog site. Let’s have YOU come down and join the rest of US who are trying very hard to find out what 2+2 equals.

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    just FYI on the CAPTCHA…. if you take too long to submit your will “expire”.

    if you look to the right of the CAPTCHA phrase you’ll see a little circle with arrows – that’ known as a “re-do” and if you click on it, it will give you a “fresh” CAPTCHA that will usually do the trick.

    but Dan is right.. Marty.. sometimes, it seems you’re a bit into conspiracies at times IMHO.

    so.. no .. there is no FLS person giving out CAPTCHAs depending on whether they like your comments or not.. the CAPTCHAs are usually computer-generated…

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Larry, everytime I get close to the truth, you and the BOS call it conspiratorial.

    Thanks for the CAPTCHA brief. Found the circle with arrows. So, before submitting my comment, pull up the LATEST CAPTCHA, submit and avoid the errore message.

    Dan was at many or most of the BOS meetings where presentations were made, from 2007 to current time. I supplied the FACTS to Dan in written form, in the same way I did with the BOS. What was presented to the BOS by me was also provided to each member of the BOS with appropriate supporting documentaion to document my presentations.

    You elected to conclude that any bone I had to pick with the BOS was only “in my mind” when in fact, there was nothing wrong with my mind or the conclusions drawn in PUBLIC Forum. No one Supervisor, Code Compliance, Thomas Y. Welsh , Tom Sagun, County Attorney, Ron Maupin (deceased), Mary Lee Carter ever made one effort to dispute Iwas not telling the truth, without embellishment, and supported by 3 different engineers.

    I’ve put together a thumbnail sketch of what has happened to wife and myself and abeited by County Government, Code Compliance and the Department of Pofessional and Ocupational Reulation. The most appropriate thing for me to do now is insert a piece of the story on how we, as citizens, were treated by those who are described as professionals in their trade and a BOS without conscience.

    The story really isn’t that hard to tell and less conspiratoral than anyone has led themselves to believe. The story has facts anyone is alowed to dispute. but we can prove otherwise. We are assisted by public records we have put into evidence, over the past five years. You might be surprised how the story ends. Enough for now. The rest will come later and will contain supporting documemtation to prove ouy point.

    Got to run, one of my clients just called in looking to get an interpretation for a surgical procedure he performed on an arm with serious infections setting in. We’ll talk again

  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    I do not know all the details of what happened but I get a sense that perhaps the County should not be proud of it’s role in it.

    Having said that – extrapolating that experience into virtually everything the county does… focus groups, citizens panels, FAMPO, etc, etc, – all of them implied to be not quite on the up and up… makes it sound like a vendetta of some kind.

    I do not think the county is necessarily exemplary in all of it’s dealings but then neither would I rank it at the bottom of the 100 counties in the state either… as many different ways of measuring tend to indicate that if anything they tend to be above average..and among some of the better operations in the state.

    My view is that the goal of citizens should be to give them credit for the things they do well.. and encourage them to do better on the things that need to be done better …rather than condemn them for their shortcomings….

    Otherwise – it’s just a war and no one wins… right?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Larry, your sense of smell could use a little adjustment. With so many red herrings being laid down I’m not sure what your sense of smell is pulling up.

    You are right about one thing. YOU don’t know the details and would prefer not to know. WHY? Because you are more comfortable turning your head when things aren’t working out the way YOU wanted them to be.

    For the record, Larry, SAM, Mr Silly and Dan, if it fits, this is not a WAR. It’s just another skirmish about what we know, if anything, and don’t know, by design.

    I don’t IMPLY anything. Here’s the facts assembled so far. Do they allow me to make an informed decision? If not, it’s inevitable more questions need to be asked. If WE don’t get answers, then our questions are regarded as tantamount to condemnation of a government, at any level of doing business for its citizens.

    Larry would tranform my questions into venom, conspiratorial motivations, bias, misleading and much to harsh for his ears to take in at any single moment in time.

    Larry, while standing guard at the Spotsylvania County gates, would have the public believe their role in governance should amount to a cheering squad, for his team, and for all the things touted as THERE version of good government, whether it’s good government or NOT.

    So, Larry’s best advise to the public domain is to stop asking questions of its government and go back to sleep.

    Now Larry wants US to believe I have been reduced to a “VINDETTA” seeking enterprize, as I pull together how business is conducted between the BOS (and its FOCUS GROUPS), and FAMPO, without public involvement. So Larry, EXTRAPOLATE all you want , but at the end of the day you’ll still anchored in the same cement bucket you started out with.

    By the way, my version of taking matters into our own hands, is not referenced by political banter or persuasion. It was motivated by the GULF disaster and the populations, and invironments that need saving, since BP can’t see their way to do right by the “small people” who are a way of life in the Gulf Coast, and on the edge of being eliminated or compromised from what THEY do best, and necessarily includes…taking matters in their own hands.

    Where did I leave off?

    Yes, in December 1993 we bought a new home in Spotsylvania County. We moved into our new home built by Tomas Sagun and Developer Thomas Y Welsh, Welsh was then President of our townhouse association, President of SDI (Sullivan, Donahoe and Sullivan), member of the Agri/Forrest County Committee, and Chairman of the County’s Board of Construction Appeals.

    Six Months after moving in we discovered massive construction failures to our home, BUT had no idea, until May 2008 that our home was constructed over a failing 18″ sewer drain pipe and a failing drain field. Did the County know? They were the ones who issued our occupancy permit.

    So much for transparency or accountability in business and government conduct. Vindetta? Hardly. THEY now own the product of their short cuts and denial anything was wrong with the construction of what was our home and now just a house. Serving as our proof, you have but to drive by and view the monument that Sagun and Welsh built for us and never disclosed until 2008.

    How do you think you would have faired in such a compormised position. Any question, just check out the BOS videotaped meeting for the last 5 years.

    So Larry, as you might be able appreciate, I did my part, How are you doing with yours?