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The Contract Between Spotsylvania Volunteers And County With Building

The county government and the volunteers with Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department may be entering into an agreement to exchange property.

Supervisor Gary Jackson, who is an attorney, asked that the vote be removed from the consent agenda in April so he could review the contract. The contract is now included on the consent agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.

I’ve read it and as best as I can understand the archaic attorney language, it goes like this: The SVFD owns a station behind the court house. It is tax map number 47A((3)) parcel C1. The SVFD is giving the county this property with a “special warranty of title” that is free of “financial encumbrances.” How’s that for attorney contract lingo?

In exchange for that property, the county gives SFVD 1/10th of ownership of the nice, new shiny combination fire and rescue station on Courthouse Road .

If SVFD dissolves, the 1/10th ownership reverts back to the county. The SVFD also must adopt a plan of dissolution, which will be a public document. Closing was supposed to be last year, but for some unknown reason this has been delayed. The agreement was actually already signed by the county attorney and county administrator and the president of SVFD back in December.

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