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More Lake Anna Growth?

The Board of Supervisors tomorrow night will discuss allowing subdivisions in the Lake Anna area.

You can read the staff report here, which provides options the supervisors can pick. According to the staff report, This topic was last explored in 2007. An ordinance amendment was initiated to allow subdivision in rural agricultural zoning with a density of one unit per 5 acres, a 10 lot cap, and a minimum lot size of 5 acres in conventional subdivisions and 2 acres in cluster subdivisions. Public hearings were held and the ordinance amendment was denied.

In summary, the citizens that spoke were concerned about the impact of additional development on the lake and felt that Resort Residential zoning was present to serve the need for subdivision and that Resort Agricultural zoning was intended more for agriculture uses.

Then, not too long after this, Supervisor Emmitt Marshall proposed a plan that partially refused a downzoning he supported years ago. He was able to pass a plan that allowed 3-acre divisions of land in rural Spotsylvania County, instead of 10 and 5 acre zoning. Landowners are limited in the number of divisions they can do and to date more than 20 divisions have been approved.


  • http://Z2KS LarryG

    SOME of the folks at the Lake who believe that more development is beneficial to the that area …less kids.. more affluent who can afford second homes, and sales taxes coming from out-of-county people.. ALSO want water/sewer (for commercial to serve the rooftops) if they could figure out how to make it happen.

    Last I heard… they cannot discharge into the Lake or into tributaries that go into the lake unless they meet very high standards… probably what is known as tertiary … and the only other option was into the river below the lake but because the permit that Dominion has.. they don’t have to release more than 40 cfs (cubic feet per second) during low flow periods.

    40 cfs is 1/20th the normal mean flow for the Rappahannock so the amount of effluent that could be discharged to combine with 40 cfs flow would not be very large.

    Only other option is to run water/sewer to the Courthouse or Thornburg.. big bucks.. and takes existing capacity that may be wanted/needed by CH & Thornburg area.

    I know that there is some sentiment on the board to not extend water/sewer beyond the PSA but may be at least 3 votes in favor of it also if a self-sufficient authority was possible.

    Hey.. there’s a UDA discussion also .. and a “free” UDA Grant for study… as long as at least one UDA is created at the conclusion of the study!

    It’s about 15 miles as the Crow Flies from the CH to Lake Anna and such a corridor would present additional opportunities.

    First.. opportunities for landowners and the county to set up Conservation/TDR arrangements.

    Second.. a hike/bike corridor from the Courthouse / Battlefield park to the Lake Anna area/State park.. could form a ‘backbone” for future trails to spur off of.

  • andrew

    what a idiot…..just what lake anna needs more people….and public water and sewer, give me a break, thats 50 years out for this end of the county, maybe longer. if you want bike trails, public water and sewer, and more people, may i suggest, new york, or something to that effect. Most of us out here think there are too many people out here now