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Supervisor T.C. Waddy Makes Unexpected Motion

Supervisor T.C. Waddy just read from a piece of paper a statement but I really didn’t understand what he was talking about and I am not sure he does either. Someone obviously crafted the statement for him and, quite frankly, I am not sure he read it right.

But, supervisors voted 7-0 to request proposals for bids on paving dirt roads. The estimated price is $2.9 million but that bid could come in more or less.

Supervisor Jerry Logan wanted to know why this motion was coming up, but he did not get an answer.

County Administrator Doug Barnes said the Virginia Department of Transportation “failed” to pave the roads. Not very much detail or information was provided on what roads these are and why VDOT failed.


  • bhaas

    WHAT the “h” is going on here? A 7-0 approval??? If Logan questioned this, why would he then vote for it??? I did not see the TV on this yesterday. I guess I missed some “high drama.”

  • MGWORK (Marty)

    Bill, it’s been recorded. Just wait until it comes up again for your entertainment. The body language will give you fits, but still qualifies as entertainment.