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BOS quiet on Feb. 5 fire

The biggest question remaining with this ongoing review and the series of stories written on this fatal Feb. 5 fire is how long will the Board of Supervisors remain quiet?

Are they waiting for the report before making any changes? Do they need this internal report to make changes that would benefit the system now?

Or will they continue to ignore the issue and e-mails from concerned residents asking supervisors to take action.

I did meet with one supervisor and brought this incident up. He told me that they do plan to make some changes, but I couldn’t get specifics.

Is the Fire and Rescue Commission, knowing that a report has been made public that says additional training in search and rescue techniques is necessary, going to continue having 20-minute meetings?

Will the commission change its mind and bring the state back in for a study of the combined system?

There are so many questions out there to which residents want answers and so far they’ve been met with silence.

Who is going to take charge of this effort?

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  • MD


    I want to thank you for your time and attention you and the FLS staff have put into the recent and on going issues in the combined fire and rescue system in Spotsylvania County. Together we as citizens WILL force change in an extremley disfuctional system. Power to the people!! Keep up the good work, I know it can be daunting with people threatening you and so on and so forth. Please continue to keep these issues in the publics eye and keep pressure on the public officials and the system will change. Slow and steady wins the race…

    Thanks Dan…

  • bhaas

    If the BOS remains silent and tacitly approves the “status quo,” each of them may find themselves in a poor situation come their next election.

  • Anita Roberson

    The community cannot thank you enough for highlighting the dysfunction that exists within the Fire and Emergency Rescue Services within the county. If the BOS does not do the “right thing” and correct the poor management and problems, I too willl help lead the charge of them to find positions in the unemployment lines.