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$100,000 Dog Park

Dog parks that I have seen are basically a plot of land and a fence. What kind of dog park costs $100,000? Was this a Kalahari dog park?

As the work session for the fiscal year 2011 budget begins, I have already been told by one person that supervisors are going to adopt an 86-cent tax rate, which is what County Administrator Doug Barnes recommended in his proposed budget.

I think it is safe to say right now the Dog Park is not going to happen anytime soon.

There are about a dozen people here wearing white shirts that say “Hold the Line” in red, the same group that showed up at the public hearing.


  • MD


    I want to thank you for your time and attention you and the FLS staff have put into the recent and on going issues in the combined fire and rescue system in Spotsylvania County. Together we as citizens WILL force change in an extremley disfuctional system. Power to the people!! Keep up the good work, I know it can be daunting with people threatening you and so on and so forth. Please continue to keep these issues in the publics eye and keep pressure on the public officials and the system will change. Slow and steady wins the race…

    Thanks Dan…

  • Emma

    It is a shame that I have to take my dogs to another locality to have a safe place for them to run and interact with other dogs when there is unused land at Patriot Park and in other locations… It does not cost nearly $100,000 – that’s just a cheap shot from the government aimed at shutting up dog-lovers who may not know better.

  • Dan Telvock


    Well, the cost said $100,000. No one explained what kind of dog park this was going to be, but for that money I assumed a Kalahari Dog Park.