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Spotsylvania Republican Commmittee Has New Chairman

Steve Thomas narrowly defeated Scott Mellott last night at the GOP mass meeting.

Thomas, who is chairman of the county’s Economic Development Authority, also defeated Claude Dunn.

Mr. Thomas has a tough job ahead of him.

Other than Jerry Logan, who ran unopposed, a Republican has not won a seat on the Spotsylvania BOS since Logan won a special election in 2006. He defeated Pat Hannifin.

Chris Yakabouski won as a Republican in 2003. He tried to run again this past election and lost to Benjamin Pitts, whom he beat in 2003. Yakabouski is the last of the “Rs” to win a contested election for the BOS.

Has the “R” become a curse for candidates running for the BOS?

Vince Onorato beat Mary Lee Carter in 2003, but he ran as an independent. During his first and only term he switched to the Republican Party and then lost in a landslide to Supervisor Gary Skinner in 2007.

What is interesting about Spotsylvania County politics is Democrats don’t run as Democrats. In fact, most run as Independents.

Republicans, however, put the “R” next to their name in local elections. Being that this county is largely a RED county, it becomes even more of a big question mark when they lose local elections.

Mr. Thomas was sent 6 questions today and I will post his answers when he completes the questionnaire.

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  • Sillyyouare1957

    The real issue is that there is “NO” place at the local level for PARTY POLITICS. The majority of the voters at the local level like to vote for independents because of the fact the candidate is removed from the party political drama of Republican vs Democrat. Maybe those that run as independents are smart enough to figure this out, not that they are Democrats just smarter than the “R’s”. Look at what the Republican Party did in Richmond in the last session. They removed funding for education, the removed funding for criminal prosecutions, they removed funding for public safety. The transportation system in the Commonwealth is a disaster when compared to other states.They removed funding for programs that will have a negative affect on every citizen of this Commonwealth. Yet, local taxes will be increased because of what our elected representatives failed to do in Richmond. I will work to defeat any candidate at the local level (Spotsylvania County) who runs as a political party candidate.

  • SteveThomas

    I actually think most folks are a lot more fair-minded than the previous poster. If a candidate says and does things they agree with, they vote for him or her. If not, they don’t. It’s really pretty simple for most folks, and it should be that.

  • bhaas

    What else would we expect newly elected Mr. Thomas to say? He is right about one thing…we do not want the complications of party politics added to our local elections.

  • MGWORK (Marty)

    Our BOSs are not of any political persuasion. The are the standard bearers for the oligarchy government they have crafted and created over the years. We just got a glimpse of BOS’s working agenda behind this facade when they attempted, with premeditated stealth to write a ZONING ORDINANCE and hidden within a consent agenda.

    Take a brief look back in BOS history and see if you can find a consent agenda that didn’t pass 7-0. Anyone out there know what a materioal misreprentaion is? If you were holding unethical conduct, on the part of your elected leaders, in both hands, would you just wash your hands of the dirt and resume your life with your head still buried in the sand. Of course you would. The price for accountability, responsibility and transparency from any kind of government apparently is above your pay grade.

    When someone lies to you, is that by admission or ommission? Is an excuse for not doing the right thing as close as you will ever get to the truth? If it’s not your place to question, go along to get along, you might want to consider moving to one corner of the room, remain seated on the stool provided and wait for someone to come along and put a pointy hat on your head. Instead of going around in the same old circles, why don’t you stop, turn around, and see where you’ve been all these years and where it has gotten you. Actually nowhere. You’ve been walking in place all these years, putting both feet in the same spot you started from and ended your journey.