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Rezoning west of Andora Drive

Tonight the Spotsylvania County supervisors are expected to vote on Mr. Pagan’s rezoning and special-use permit for an office building and wholesale nursery and greenhouse on his farm off State Route 3 near the Orange County line.

If approved, the rezoning would be a change of direction for a group that said it would not rezone any land past Andora Drive to commercial, because of the proximity to historic Civil War battlefields. 

Supervisor Hap Connors has argued that a well-designed office building, with a wholesale nursery and greenhouse hidden from Rt. 3 is a better alternative than the byright development Mr. Pagan could do without any government approval, which is 11 houses. The office complex will be built to look like a barn. 

Supervisor Jerry Logan is expected to vote "no" for this rezoning because he said he made a promise never to support a commercial rezoning west of Five Mile Fork, which is farther east of Andora Drive. The biggest problem Logan said he has with the project is the precedent of rezoning land to commercial that is outside the primary growth area. 

As this article states, there are about 13 parcels west of Andora Drive that are already zoned commercial.

Here is a map the Planning Department created to show the commercial zoned property west of Andora Drive, and you will see most of it was done awhile ago. 


  • gramps

    I wonder if Mr. Logan voted for any of those when he was on the BOS before? Perhaps I’ll research that when I get the time.

  • gramps

    Oops, I forgot. Doing that kind of research would take a long time. I can not “view” detailed data on the County website; I could not even “view” Dan’s link to the map here. I had to “download” it (right click, select save target as…) to my desktop. My Internet Explorer browser returns a message..Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. When I queried the County computer gurus, I was informed the problem was on my end. Incidentally, that is the same story I used to get from Adelphia Cable when I had a problem. The irony is that my browser used to return those same pages for viewing without a major download.

  • lgross

    you probably updated IE or Adobe right? might be
    able to help offline from here.

  • lgross

    click on R09-0001 Pagan Property? Historic
    Preservation Documents

    to see the correspondence between the county, NPS
    and DHR…. looks like DHR/NPS made their
    concerns known quite some time ago.

  • Minuteman

    What is so compelling about this rezoning that Pitts
    would vote yes on the Pagan project? It seems he’s
    prided himself on voting no to nearly every
    development idea that’s come before the BOS. Are
    the proffers that good? Is this project the smartest
    example of Smart Growth? I’m perplexed.

  • therestofthestory

    his voted did not matter. He has not changed at all. Every slow growth vote has failed 5-2…are you people not watching….wake up..If you vote with the minority and then all of a sudden switch in a close vote, you reveal your true colors…the C500 will look the other way again

  • lgross

    More than likely, it passes the “it’s development that pays for
    itself” test.

    People get confused on this issue in my view. Business
    development, as far as I know, virtually always pays for itself but
    residential development often does not.

    But some think of it all as “development” that detracts from the
    county in some way…. and that’s a wrongheaded view in my

    Now.. the question of developing “hallowed ground” is a whole
    different deal that is even more complicated because privately
    owned land is not publically owned … AND if you look at a NPS
    Map of the historic lands in our area – Fredericksburg and
    Spotsylvania is built upon most of it.

    Mr. Connors said there ought to be a “plan” for that corridor and
    he’s right. He’s also right that such sentiments have been
    expressed by him and others for many years, decades?

    I’m actually pretty shocked that with the last Comp Plan update
    that apparently no advocacy for doing such a corridor study
    apparently took place and so as far as I know.. county staff, the
    PC and BOS also passed on that opportunity also.

  • Chatty

    was done several years ago right after the Chancellorsville zoning request was denied. CWPT and others worked with Staff and hired a consultant who developed proposals to protect the viewshed close to the Chancellosville battle area. Property owners were unhappy and the meetings became hostile. Planning Dept. probably has a copy around if anyone is interested.

  • lgross

    so… a plan ever finished?

    I think I remember the uproar over the setbacks
    and the corridor overlay….

    did NPS participate? Did they specifically address
    the far western end of the county and reach a

    Listening to Mr. Connors, it sounds like .. they
    never reached a decision on what to do…