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Bald Eagles on River Road

Supervisor Jerry Logan took some pictures of a Bald Eagles that likes to visit River Road from time to time. I could only get one to save on my computer, so here it is:



  • gramps

    Brother Eagle is feasting on dead deer. eh? Bon Apetite.

  • dantelvock

    He had a better one with the Bald Eagle in flight with a Hawk, but I could not get them to download.

  • lgross

    saaaayyyy… I sure hope that’s not the same deer
    Mr. Logan said he was taking pictures of!

  • gramps

    Is anyone else experiencing problems opening individual Agenda Items on the County Web Site for tomorrow’s BOS meeting? I have had problems all weekend and it is continuing today. I get a message that Internet Explorer cannot access the document.

  • lgross

    I’m using CHROME and had no problems accessing
    the agenda items.

  • lgross

    I’m now having problems.. did not early this morn

  • johnfgustafson

    Jerry may have meant this as photographic imagery of the power of conservatives annihilating the influence of liberals. Or maybe it was simply a nature shot. I’d rather have the reduced government, property rights, and individual liberties connnection, but I also really enjoy the sight of eagles. Jerry should come with me to the Potomac to see these incredible hunters fish in the open waters. He has a gift with the lens.

  • lgross

    as the Crow (or Eagle) flies – on the Rappahannock
    River. I wonder if Mr. Logan’s eagle came up from
    the river as they generally like to nest in large, tall
    trees from where they can “observe” and they are
    quite good at fishing but perhaps the river is a bit
    too muddy for sighting fish and so this guy came to
    sample the buffet….

    thanks for taking the pic and sharing it!

  • johnfgustafson

    How about some photos of wild turkeys, Mr. Logan? That’s another interesting bird I enjoy coming across in the woods.