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The nonsense continues

Days like these I feel like taking the day off.

 Fourreal2 just won’t let the rumor die. It is time to move on, people.


  • gramps

    You must know that there are complete NUTS out here in cyberspace. They hide behind pseudonyms and foment dissent, rumors, and just plain nonsense. I am completely convinced some, particularly on the national political scene, are paid shills for the national political parties. They probably do not even live here. Forget it.

    The FLS printed a correction, you posted a correction, and others corrected the record even earlier. Mr. King DID NOT check his sources; the shame rests on his shoulders. He should write a letter of apology to the FLS and ask it be printed in his name.

    You are not responsible if the Spotsy BOS decides to kick this can further down the block than they already have. Those that do take their own political future in their own hands.

    Take a deep breath, relax, call a friend and go to the nearest pub and have a few drinks. Life is too da** short to worry abour stuff like this.