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Code Compliance Revenues Continue Decline

The Code Compliance Department continues to fall short of revenue projections. Work is so slow that revenues are expected to be $1.3 million short through the end of June 30, 2010.

The Code Compliance Fund will be $700,000 short after using $600,000 in general fund tax dollars. Now the department needs to tap into the $2.6 million in general fund tax dollars and Capital Projects funds the supervisors held in a safety net account to cover the shortfall.

According to the approved fiscal year 2010 budget, the Code Compliance Department consists of the Building and Zoning departments and it has:

  • Elimination of nine positions during FY 09:
  • Building: three Residential Combination Code Inspectors, and one Residential Plan Reviewer
  • Zoning/Erosion: one Zoning Assistant, one Environmental Engineer, and three ESC Inspectors
  • Elimination of seven positions in FY 10:
  • Building: two Residential Combination Code Inspectors,
  • Zoning/Erosion: one ESC Supervisor, one ESC Inspector and one Code Enforcement Officer
  • Building and Zoning/Erosion shared positions: one Office Manager II and one Permits Technician.
  • Reductions in overtime.
  • Reductions in advertising, subsistence & lodging, dues & association fees, janitorial services and books & subscriptions.

 In the fiscal year 2008 budget there were 56 employees in those two divisions. In the 2010 budget, there are 34 employees. 


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