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Emmitt Marshall questions Superintendent Jerry Hill’s salary

Supervisor Emmitt Marshall said he has gotten several calls from residents who are complaining about Schools Superintendent Jerry Hill’s annual compensation package of $234,000 and asking why the school system is not using excess bond money that is left over because projects are being bid at much lower prices to pay off the bond interest.

Marshall said Hill’s package is more than the salary of the Virginia governor. The School Board has already addressed the salary, saying it is justified. School Board Chairman Gil Seaux was in the audience, but he did not make a comment. Marshall told him the School Board should cut Hill’s salary so that it is not more than what the governor of Virginia is paid.



  • southwest

    Mr. Marshall the salary of Dr. Hill is not your responsibility regardless of how many constituent calls you received. The salary of Mr. Hill is the total responsibility of the elected SCHOOL BOARD and not the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Marchall you need to tell your constituents to call thier “elected” SCHOOL BOARD” representative and hold them accountable just like any other elected office.