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Harrison Road CDA moves to dissolve itself

Some closure may be coming for the Harrison Road Connector Community Development Authority. The board decided today to pass two resolutions, including one to dissolve itself.

The next step is for the Board of Supervisors to accept these resolutions, which would kill the CDA and end–for now–a three-year saga that pitted residents who lived by the mall or owned property impacted by the CDA against county supervisors and executives of the Cafaro Company.

A full story will be in the newspaper, but I wanted to share with you some anecdotes that members of the CDA board shared about J.J. Cafaro, vice president of the company that owns the mall, and who retired this year.

 Jane Wallace, a board member and a local Realtor, shared the best story. She said that at one of the first meetings they had, J.J. Cafaro’s phone rang. She said he had this tiny phone that he pulled from his shirt pocket. When he answered the phone, she said you could hear the person who called asking about a donation. She said J.J. replied something to the effect of “Sure, Jerry. I will get that to you, but I am in a meeting so let me call you back.”

 “It was Jerry Springer,” she said. “I just thought that was so cool.”

J.J. Cafaro mingled with a lot of people, but he surely loved politics, said the mall’s property manager, Mark Gentry.

“He knows everybody,” he said. “He lives for politics.”

As this article states, J.J. was a big player in Washington politics, chiefly because his father wouldn’t let him run for Congress. There’s even mention of the trouble he got into with former U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. 

J.J. Cafaro is a convicted felon. 

Gentry said J.J.’s home is filled with framed photographs of numerous dignitaries, elected officials, presidents and television stars.

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  • groucho45

    Spotsylvania Co. BoS setting up a CDA (a taxing authority) that takes control of tax paying. law abiding citizen’s property. Imagine that a convicted fellon. Do tell. Makes one wonder why the paper failed to print this information. My, My. My Makes one wonder ,just how corrupt is this current BoS?

  • groucho45

    If you will go back and check your facts I believe that you will find that this “nightmare” started in May 2005. That would make it closer to 5 years of these property owners lives ,that was stolen from them.

  • dantelvock

    Sorry, but the rezoning was not even approved in 2005. The clock started ticking after the rezoning was approved.

  • groucho45

    So you’er saying that the countless Townhall meetings and BoS meetings not to mention the meetings with the county attorney upto this point don’t count . I beg the differ, the clock started ticking the day that Bob Hagan and Hap Connors flew to Youngstown OH. and hatched this” Boondoggle”!Please take off the blinders.