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Towne Centre and snow day

Where were the managers of the Spotsylvania Towne Centre the days after the 15-inch snowfall? I have no idea. I called and visited the mall to no avail. But there is something motorists should no about the ring road around the mall: it is private. The mall and its owners, the Cafaro Co., are responsible for paving, filling potholes, and overall maintenance of the road. The county has no responsibility for the ring road.

In this letter, Mr. Fowler places partial blame on the county. However, the blame solely belongs to the mall and its owners if the snow and condition of the road were not up to par. 

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  • southwest

    Maybe someone needs to inform Mr. Fowler that Spotsylvania County has “NO” responsibility for plowing public roadways when it snows. Such plowing actions are the total responsibility of the “STATE” (Va. Dept. of Transportation). Spotsylvania County doesn’t maintain roadways. As stated any snow removal on “private property” is the total responsibilty of the property owner. Any blame needs to be directed towards those who have the responsibilty to address the issue.

  • Islandgirl

    Who in the world would be shopping in the biggest snow storm we have seen in years? My question would be why was the mall open and why would you be shopping? I think that people should stay home and off the roads unless there is a real emergency. I don’t think that shopping would qualify for emergency. From what I understand you can’t plow over vehicles. I don’t see how you could close off route 3 to clear the road into the mall. The point is stay off the roads until it is safe and clear. Let the people do their jobs and then complain if need be. Happy New Year!! Try to put on others shoes before you judge.