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Jerry Logan spots buck in his backyard

Supervisor Jerry Logan said he took this photograph of what looks to me as a 10-point buck. He said he noticed the deer in his backyard while I was interviewing Logan.

Logan, who takes photographs for a hobby, said he’ll send me pictures from time to time in his adventures.


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  • lgross

    that’s a beautiful animal.

    Now you’re gonna tell me that it’s in the basement
    becoming jerky, right?

  • MAVRICKinc

    Now if Supv. Logan can come up with a COPY of the spread sheet covering Spotsy’s gas tax OUT and Gas Tax In, I, for one, will be genuinely impressed with what a camera or copy machine can do in a single heart beat of Mr. Logan’s trophy deer. Fourteen point bucks should account for at least a glance/look see.

  • loganj001

    Larry, no deer jerky here. All my wildlife “shots” are
    taken with a Nikon D700 attached to a 300mm lens.
    Living so close to the Rappahannock, the diversity of
    wildlife we photograph through our kitchen window is
    truly amazing. My favorite back yard pic came this spring
    of a doe nursing her twin newborn fawns.

  • lgross

    JL – excellent photograph… thanks or sharing!

  • spotsylady

    What a handsome fella. I’ve got a 4 point and a 10 point that like to come around with the ladies on a pretty regular basis, though it’s always at night or pre-dawn. Thanks for sharing!

  • vegtblelasagna

    That’s funny, I thought Jerry lived in Philadelphia or somewhere else….

    hardy har har

  • vegtblelasagna

    “He said he noticed the deer in his backyard while he was being interviewed you me.?