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Hunting rights continue to annoy some property owners

Spotsylvania County property owners continue to levy complaints against hunters, saying they allow their dogs to run free on private property and they walk on private property to retrieve their dogs. State law allows hunters to enter private property if they are retrieving their hunting dog. Here is a letter to the editor today in response to an earlier letter that had complaints about hunters. Here is another letter from a Caroline County property owner who complained about hunters.

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries last year researched the complaints and concerns, but very little changes were made to make property owners happy. In fact, department officials were very supportive of the right to hunt and retrieve law.

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  • gramps

    we see the long time battle between hunters and non-hunting landowners. It is certainly a “hot button” issue in Spotsy.

  • dantelvock

    I wrote the death out of the issue.

  • gramps

    Methinks you could write ’til your fingers were nothing but nubs; the issue would still be there at the end. This is a “cultural” battle between these folks.

  • Chatty

    most are not there to get their dogs. But I can say the ones who came to get the deer they shot on our posted property last weekend did bring an old dog along to prove they were looking for their hound. They also were ready to argue with the property owner who had spied them dragging the deer out of the woods 20 minutes before. They lie, spotlight, and pay no attention to posted signs. This continues because of the spineless general assembly members who want the hunter votes. Decent and lawful hunters are few, especially in Spotsy

  • VirginiaReb

    to kill or cripple and knowingly allow any game animal to be wasted without making a reasonable effort to retrieve the animal and retain it in your possession. If you are a hunter and a land owner prevents you from doing so contact authorities to resolve the situation.