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Obama’s Job Plan Announced At Virginia Home Depot

An Alexandria Home Depot was the site of President Obama’s newest plan to revive the country’s job market, calling this program "Cash For Caulkers," a spin-off of the "Cash For Clunkers" program. 

According to the Los Angeles Times,  Obama asked Congress to pass a program that would offer cash incentives to home owners who make their homes more efficient with new windows, caulking leaks and buying energy-efficient heaters and air conditioners.

"I know the idea may not be very glamorous, although I get really excited about it. We were at the roundtable and somebody said, ‘Insulation’s not sexy.’ I disagree," Obama told an audience that included Home Depot Chief Executive Frank Blake and workers from the Laborers’ International Union of North America. "Here’s what’s sexy about it: saving money."

How does this have a connection with Spotsylvania County? Well, the county is currently offering 25 percent off permits and other county fees charged to people building and improving homes. Although the county’s 25 percent off program is in effect now, the federal government could pass a program that would offer some of these local residents additional savings if they use more energy-efficient materials.