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Who will be on the VRE Operations Board and PRTC Board?

The Board of Supervisors tonight are expected to approve the first step in moving ahead with membership to the Virginia Railway Express. They are basically approving the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s certification of the county’s entry.

Although it is not on the agenda, supervisors at some point will appoint one supervisor to the VRE Operations Board and two supervisors to the PRTC Board. 

I wonder who will serve on the VRE Operations Board, which will be an important position when it comes time for VRE to get spending approved for its own budget? With any budget decision with VRE, the board’s approval must be UNANIMOUS. 

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  • MAVRICKinc

    Why don’t we let Spotsylvania County residents make the decision. For VRE Operations, why don’t we select Supv. Hap Connors. He’s already Chairman of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors and Chairman of the George Washington Regional Commission and FAMPO. He appears to be aire apparent and in line with Matt Kelly, Greenlaw and Milde.

    The other two positions should be assigned to Benjamin Pitts and Gary Skinner who are heavily involved in future development of Spotsylvania County. Supv. Logan can sit on the side lines awaiting VRE’s budget, and the leverage these politicians seek to make with our lot in life and conforming to their visions of the future; aka the MAJORITY of Spotsylvania citizens.

    Spotsylvania County has two governments working for them at the same time. One is our County BOS. The other is federally mandated and goes by the name of FAMPO/ GWRC. Their working agendas parallel one another, separtated only by the term Federal and Local. Each is served by the same local elected officials from each County BOS; Spotsylvania, Stafford and Fredericksburg.

    One should also note that NEITHER Stafford BOS or the Fredericksburg City Counsil ever put the VRE Master Agreement before its citizens to see what they thought about this agreement. Both County BOSs voted on joining VRE amongst themselves. It was a unilateral decision without any voter or citizen input. Spotsylvania County did the same thing for years and never made the terms of the VRE Master Agreement known to the public until FAMPO posted it on their web site; May 22, 2009. If anyone cared to read the entire script Spotsylvania County put before it, to make an informed decision about VRE, you won’t find anything that remotely resembles knowledge of all the facts. Wait until you see all the players who just decided your future and quality of life. They actually have names but for the moment are best served by anonomous outcries.

    Wait until the development term “mixed use” turns into Urban Development Areas already assigned by the Planning Commission, and just waiting for the “tools” needed to develope and redevelope hign density populations and living quarters in Spotsylvania County.

    With rural property being sold at three acres a pop, plus the cost of water and sewer set at an additional $44 million to taxpayers in the next three years, plus infrastructure, further reductions in education and safety, who do think is going to come out the other side with their shirts still on? Only those who can afford and they are apparently the MAJORITY of the citizens in Spotsylvania County.

    If the State is in such “dire straights” and the County is coming up short for at least another 2 years, home foreclosures the second worst in the state, and unemployment still draped around the shoulders of our entire nation, lets do what Supv Hap Connors and his merry men has in store for us at all levels of government, whether they be Federal or locally grown empire builders. They all apparently sit at the same table with US in mind.

  • MAVRICKinc

    Apparently BOS Chairman, Hap Connors made it official at the last BOS meeting, December 8, 2009, very late in in the meeting when there was no one around to object to his County selections for membership assignments to PRTC; Supvs. Jerry Logan, Gary Skinner and Ben Pitts.

    Now, Hap Connors has developed his own BOS voting block, and “census” majority (4-3) to conduct business for Spotsylvania County and his Federally mandated Regional transportation and land use agendas being designed by George Washington Regional Commission and FAMPO, which he also CHAIRS through it’s Policy Committee.

    So, put a FOCUS GROUP and these guys in a single room that no one knows about, and you create a consensus group no one can sucessfully vote against, no matter what the reasoning, intentions or outcome will result in.

    It’s sort of like concluding the Hicks Farm project will not pay for itself, Ben Pitts, district and elected official voting against the zoning, for his own political hide, without recourse by its District citizens to do anything about their objections to the project, because it was those other Supervisors who chose not to listen, and grant Hicks his right to build high density housing and projected populations that will come to support Spotsylvania County’s vision of developing and redeveloping the County’s Urban Development Areas, identified by the Planning Commission members to our BOS, that will necessarily come with more tools to build anything the Spotsylvania County’s FOCUS GROUP has in mind.

    Just think, I came up with “oligarchy” years ago. Look where its got us now.