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Civil War Life museum update

Blogger, author and historian Michael Aubrecht says on his own blog that he can speak for the Civil War Life Foundation, which was created to raise money to open a new museum. He says Terry Thomann, the director of the museum, is still in talks with the county, as my article in today’s Spotsylvania Extra states in the very end. You can read Aubrecht’s blog here. He says:

The National Civil War Life Foundation is still on the same mission, to build an all-inclusive museum that tells the entire story of the Civil War from all sides. We are still looking at Spotsylvania as a location. We are planning on holding some special events at the new store location to generate additional interest in this project. We are still sponsoring the documentary film on Richard Kirkland that is slated for release in February 2010. We are in talks with Mort Kunstler’s rep about having an exclusive gallery section at both the existing and future locations. We will be updating the website soon to reflect these minor changes that do not affect our mission. And we want to assure all of our supporters that our prime directive remains:

To operate a national museum and research center that preserves and interprets the human story of the American Civil War and connects the lives of all people of that era to the Nation today.

 Aubrecht says Mr. Thomann regrets "venting" to me some frustration he had with the county.

The reporter was simply quoting what he thought were decisions that had already been made. They were not and Terry has met with individuals from the county and the situation is being discussed en route to being resolved. There is a NCWLF board meeting coming up in a few weeks and I will be sure to update both the media and readers here of new information as it becomes available. 

 I personally didn’t think anything. Mr. Thomann called WJ Vakos and told them he was moving to the city. He sent a letter to the county saying he was leaving by Dec. 1. He already closed the store in Southpoint I. My story today has County Attorney Jacob Stroman saying he expects the county and Mr. Thomann will open discussions soon. Mr. Aubrecht has never called me and I didn’t know who he was until today. Mr. Aubrecht says that the closing was made because of economic decisions. But why would someone leave a building at which the rent was free and move to a downtown city location where the rent is not free? 

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  • MAVRICKinc

    The coverage and story speaks only to market share, more incentives, leverage, and someone who needs public attention, before he takes his ball and bat back home, unless he gets better terms on his contract. A FREE ride has nothing to do with this public FLS presentation/ public negotiation. It’s called staying POWER and VAKOS and Spotsaylvania county need to ante up MORE to sustain the Court House Urban Developmnent Area Project and the credibility of high density populations,business, tourism dollars, with the new Circuit Court and County Government center stage.

    Lots at stake, but I’m only amused when the County Attorney tells County citizens, he was not aware of all the back door posturing going on to consumate yet another agreement going south because the County can’t come up with better terms. Sort of like working with yet another Cafaro deal with details and consequences we have yet to appreciate until after the fact.

    But we have to admit, the Civil war Museum serves as a ready, innovative way, and funding mechanism, that Supv.Hap Connors and Spotsylvania County’s elected officials WILL need to support their Capital Improvement, development and land-use agendas.

    Since our elected officials also serve a “Regional Concept” under the guise of Federal mandate, through FAMPO and the George Washington Regional Commission, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Where the Museum finally makes it bed shouldn’t really matter to any of us, whether it’s in Spotsylvania, Stafford County’s or Fredericksburg City, unless of course Spotsylvania County wants or needs more of the market share, that any one other County making up our Development District #16 or
    METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION (MPO); aka…Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg City, Stafford, King George and Caroline countys.

    Have any of you ever been in a single room, with your elected officials from all five Counties in Planning District 16, with money available for their respective next best, shovel ready projects or priority put on the table, and come out wondering how to spell REGIONAL CONCEPT or see what YOU get for your money, plus theirs?