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D.J. McGuire gets most votes for any Republican candidate for Lee Hill District

D.J. McGuire personally congratluated Gary Skinner last night for his re-election victory. McGuire said in a statement that he is thankful to all of the people who helped him during his first run for an elected seat in Spotsylvania County. 


"Unfortunately, we didn’t make it across the line this time, but the message of limited government and lower taxes reached the people all the same, and I appreciate all of your help in making that happen.  Thanks to you, I received the most votes for any Republican candidate for Supervisor in the history of Lee Hill."


McGuire said he will follow Skinner’s term and will remain active in local government business. 


There wasn’t an ounce of mud thrown in this contest, a rarity in political contests today.


This is the second time in a row, however, that Republicans lost in contested races in Spotsylvania County, which was not the case in most parts of the country and certainly in Virginia. What makes Spotsylvania different? I will be tackling that question this week. 

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  • Fredtastic

    I just don’t think party politics plays as big of a role locally as it does elsewhere. Many run as independents to avoid the stigma of a certain party. I think you can get away with that locally because I believe people can relate to you more – they see you at church, school functions or various other places. You don’t need the party backing you to get elected.

  • kimcmitch

    People vote these local races on the local issue. Lee’s Hill has seen enough growth and has enough commuters that the region is going to support the candidate who will bring the VRE to Spotsy. A station in spotsy will make life better for many. A wake up call is about to go off as we realize that taxes will be going up no matter who is in office. It’s best to vote for the guy who will get projects moving, instead of the guy who sings the party song.

  • thelama

    The previous writers are correct: party politics doesn’t supersede the need to lead and get things done for the betterment of all. And how many “Republicans” have actually been on the ballot in Lee Hill before? One – Vince Ornery-ato? DJ is always trying to pump up his ego and convince us how brilliant and great he is. God bless him.

  • wiseman

    Wow, Dan you are going to do some reporting? I love the tid bit of info in your story yesterday where you let the voters know that- “Skinner and Pitts saw their campaign coffers filled late in the campaign with thousands of dollars from developers and Realtors.” Great job reporting the facts voters needed to know, too bad it was after the election. I am looking forward to more fantastic reporting, Go Dan!

  • livngnva

    I bet you are glad the neither of the opposing candidates beat Pitts and Skinner. I just wish the voters could have looked past the VRE issue and see what this BOS has done and will do to our county in the way of taxes.

  • hapconnors

    Not sure if I get the reference, but I am glad the voters re-elected Skinner and Pitts. They have helped manage the budget in difficult times ($50M lower than last year’s), prioritized education, public safety and transportation, while keeping taxes low. I have heard/read DJ’s views and served with Yak, and the voters did make the right choice.