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Get on board!

Spotsylvania County will become a member of Virginia Railway Express in February.

That’s a fact after tonight’s election results show incumbents and Pro-VRE candidates Benjamin Pitts and Gary Skinner won re-election. 

Pitts defeated Chris Yakabouski for the Battlefield District seat.

Skinner defeated D.J. McGuire for the Lee Hill District seat. 

Check out tomorrow’s paper to read what the two winners plan to focus on in the next four years. 



  • hapconnors

    Time to act! Thank you to voters in Lee Hill and Battlefield.

  • lgross

    things are entirely too quiet this morning… How
    come the “no mo tax” folks lost at the local level ut
    won in Stafford and won at the State Level?

    Congrats to Mr. Pitts and Mr. Skinner and best
    wishes to govern well.

  • dobreshunka

    In favor of a tax increase with a tangible result that will improve the quality of life of those living in the community.

    That is a big difference than just a “tax increase.”