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Fredericksburg’s finest recover my iPod

The Fredericksburg Police Department recovered my stolen iPod and an arrest is pending. The detective told me that the suspect allegedly stole items from several cars, including mine. I will tell ya, I was pretty down about my iPod being stolen because it carries ALL of my music. Without it, I felt very empty. I am so glad to have it back. Kudos to the Fredericksburg PD.

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  • lgross

    I’m glad you got your IPOD back Dan. I’m still trying to figure out how to
    put music on one of those MP3 Players.

    But DAN – I WISHED you had been able to cover the last Planning
    Commissioners meeting because what happened – for the very first time
    in recent memory – was the classic AHA moment.

    Not that long ago, the BOS and the PC were worried that building permit
    fees in this down economy might be a disincentive to some projects where
    such fees might make the difference between the project being viable or

    so after also hearing – that the Community Services function in the county
    was, as intended, to be fully self-supporting from these fees – they
    decided to cut the fees to see if it would result in enough increased
    development to offset the loss from lowering the fees.

    Well.. guess what happened?

    Zilch? Nada. and now.. they are faced with the prospect of a deficit in
    that office – a deficit that will have to be made up from taxes on citizens.

    I think – as I said – for the first time – there was a realization about the
    connection between the costs of development – and the impact on
    taxpayers and it was interesting to hear the discussion – and to watch the
    expressions on those folks faces…

    Mary Lee Carter allowed that she could let the deficits continue for 90 days
    more to see if they were going to work – but not a year. Others, including
    Harvey Gold (a very nice guy) allowed that this is the worst time of the
    year for building permits and that it would take longer to see if the
    reduction in fees would “work”.

    At some point – the BOS gets to revisit this – and it will be interesting to
    see how they deal with it also.

    This was one of the more revealing moments for local government in
    understanding who actually pays for development – and this was only for
    fees – not the ancillary infrastructure issues.

  • dantelvock

    Larry, I decided to go to the candidates forum instead, since the PC makes no final decisions.

    As for the fees, you may have forgotten, but the supervisors plan to reverse their decision for the 25 percent reduction in some fees and charge the normal rate. Not sure we are on the same page.

  • lgross

    I had not heard that. I guess I missed it. But some
    on the PC may not have realized it either because
    they seemed to be agonizing over giving the BOS
    their recommendation.

    I looked at tomorrow’s agenda and did not see it
    listed. Did I miss it?

  • dantelvock

    I am not exactly sure what you are talking about Larry.

    Are you talking about the “stimulus” package they approved that provided a 25 percent discount on some fees?

    Yes, the BOS plans to reverse it and end the program because it didn’t work as well as they had hoped.

  • dantelvock

    AND IT IS on tomorrow’s agenda. Look again.

  • lgross

    okay I did miss it.. thanks.. I got the impression
    from the PC meeting that the decision was still in
    process – they took quite some time dithering with

  • gramps

    I love it when the PC “dithers.” It means they are not up to some other mischief.

  • lgross

    good point! :-)

  • gramps

    Glad to hear you recovered your Ipod gadget. Isn’t it amazing how we get attached to these little inanimate electronic gizmos?

  • gramps

    I forgot, Mr. James also particiapated in the FAMPO presentation with Lloyd Robinson. That makes three appearances at last nights BOS meeting. There must be a story behind this fellow’s activism?

  • MAVRICKinc

    And today’s date is October 15, 2009 and the Spotsylvania County BOS have have tabled their 25% decrease in fees for another 3 months after losing $60,000 in fees that pay salaries of the County Planning, Zoning and Compliance Departments.

    With the Fredericksburg Building Association asking for an extension to this 25% fee schedule reduction, we should see a lot of activity from the real stakeholders of Spotsylvania County bring their Urban Development Areas to life. It speaks well to Hugh Cosner’s, Tricord’s and Vakos’ vision of the Spotsylvania corridor, from the Court Campus project to Tricords Summit Crossing project.

    If there should be any questions you might want to pull up this years data at the Spotsylvania County website on the BOS agendas and meeting minutes. It’s all there and I believe I’ve made mention of this on numerous ocassions at this blog site. However, it is to be noted that I am to be ignored by anyone and everyone who might take notice of these comments.

    But who am I to draw any conclusions from the data that exist under our very nose. Or should I pull up yet another website in order to make another complete circle back to where we started from?

    If you want transparency and accountability you might start knocking on the very doors that say “Do Not Enter” or “PRIVATE” or “ENTER”…but only if you have the correct password, secret handshake, and a hold harmless agreement that anything you see, hear or speak, shall remain at all times the property of Spotsylvania County and will never be made known to the public unless authorized to do so. Try putting that between two layers of FOIA, and see what you get back…for YOUR MONEY.

    You’re only starting to put 2 and 2 together. I’m going to stand over here, in the corner, licking my wounds, and trying my best to be ignored.