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Supervisor Gary Skinner wants CIP changed

Supervisor Gary Skinner last night asked supervisors to change the capital improvements plan by placing more urgency on a station in his Lee Hill District. There is no station in his district after Company 4 moved to its new station off Falcon Drive in the Battlefield District. That station is one of the busiest in the county and it serves the Lee Hill area. 

Supervisor Hap Connors then asked if he could add a friendly amendment to the motion to place urgency on a new station for Chancellor Fire and Rescue in his district. 



  • MAVRICKinc

    Why no interest?

    Gary Skinner gets Lee’s Hill District their needed fire station.

    Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do, why the County is preparing to take offers from TRICORD to build 5,900+ additional homes (Summit Crossing) designed to surround a railroad station, and safeguard
    the additional population GROWTH, with Cosner working at the other end, (Cosner East and West) with a hospital and designed Urban Development Area, already identifified to US by the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission.

    Did I miss anything. Is this too harsh. Am I all wrong, and if so, can supply me with your take and logic on this matter and the acquisition and construction of a fire station in Lee’s Hill.

    Connors friendly amendment was intended only to earmark and set up future funding for BOTH the replacement of his Chancellor fire station and Skinners designed agenda to add to his already massive development and construction vision, currently in the works, for the past two years.

    If these observations are to be counted into the ever growing list and number of comments that others are trying call and qualify as personal attacks on the body politic, I would suggest you call up the real parties of interest and see what their attack strategy is.

    I’m assured, it’s not going to be much different from the observations made here, but you are invited to use “speculation” as your weapon of choice and we’ll let history record the rest.

    We can dress the truth and the lie anyway we want, but at the end of the day we’re only going to shake hands with one; reality or the figment of someone elses imagination.

    Take your pick. It is, after all, your choice and yours alone and no one elses, unless you give it away to the highest bidder or your next best friend.

  • lgross

    to the Fire Station is.. what I got out of the
    resolution was that it had no real impact on
    anything. It looked to me to be your basic
    motherhood and apple pie statement.

    In terms of future development in that area –
    Tridcord and anyone else would more than likely
    sweeten their offer if they knew it was really

    But the bigger issue with these stations is that
    they have to be staffed – and that cost will be
    paid for by tax payers.

    I’m actually in favor of setting up Fire Districts
    and let folks in each district decide how much
    24/7 service they want or not.

    I think we need more transparency and more
    accountability for some of these services –
    especially since I see Spotsy FD personnel out
    soliciting money these days.