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Civil War Buffs should check this out

The Museum of the Confederacy has a new database with pictures of its entire Civil War flag collection. I am checking out the database now and there are some really interesting flags. You can check it out here.

The last time I wrote about the museum, the executive director was looking at a site in the city, while also considering the Spotsylvania Chancellorsville battlefield site. 


  • gramps

    Since no one has commented re: the Civil War Flags, perhaps we might use this space to talk about something else.

    On Sep 1, Dan Telvock penned an article, “Spotsy Amends Gripes Policy.” I found this small tidbit quite interesting and very peculiar.

    Why is this just coming up now? I expect that such policies are reviewed annually and the CA has, until now, not seen fit to ask the BOS to “exempt” the Asst CA’s. Why does he now want to keep the ACA’s from filing grievances? What has happened recently to project this issue on to the front burner? Is there some legal dissension in the ranks that the CA wants to “squelch?” Could the dissension have something to do with the recent public hearing on VRE?

    These are questions, it would seem to me, that the BOS ought to be asking. And if they did ask them, perhaps they ought to share the answers with the tax payers.

  • lgross

    the more I hear about this fellows preferred way of doing business – the
    more I wonder if this is what we really want and need in Spotsylvania.

    Dan has already reported previously on what appear to be violations of the
    Open Meeting laws and was told – not by the Chair of the person conducting
    a meeting – but by a staff member that he was “out of order”.

    this fees like .. a steady series of changes that are in effect – a building of a
    wall between the county govt and citizens.

    The ability of subordinates to file grievances is an accountability issue.

  • MAVRICKinc

    It seems appropriate that you might want to take your concerns, currently off point at this site, and insert them into Dan’s blog sight titled “Spotsy amends gripes policy.”

    If or when you get any answers back from our elected officials and the Office of County Attorney, you may want to share your findings with the rest of US (citizens).

    Sounds fair to me.