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Tricord is waiting for county to join VRE

In an Aug. 4 letter to Planning Director Wanda Parish, Tricord’s Director of Land Development and Planning Timothy Hall asks for a second extension of the 5,900-home Summit Crossing development by the new hospital.

Hall says that Tricord is waiting for the Board of Supervisors to join VRE "before we proceed any further with the Summit Crossing rezoning package."

This is an interesting development in that it basically shows that Tricord may be willing to build a VRE train station by the VRE rail yard and even possibly a parking area, among other things, in exchange for the rezoning. When Summit Crossing was first proposed, they had planned to assist in building a VRE station. When the plans came to the public and a hearing, the VRE station was gone. 

"We will submit the revised plans within 90 days of the VRE vote, but no later than April 30, 2010, if no such vote occurs in a timely manner," Hall wrote.

 There is no indication if the numbers of homes will change.

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  • MAVRICKinc

    Don’t mind me, I’m just waiting to see who shows up on this most recent circumstance which was predicted and detailed ad nausseam last year to present time.

    Or, is Tricord another client that can’t be denied, but only after the VRE Master Agreement is signed sealed and delivered.

    I was very much interested in Bill Freehling’s coverage and report on how the realestate, construction and development are going about lobbying Congress to EXTEND THE $8000 TAX CREDIT FOR FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS in the wake of returning TRICORD, their Summit Crossing project back to life with it’s 5,900+ housing units, and soon to follow, their NEW POST project which could include 2000+ more high density homes, without appropriate proffers (Mallard Landing) and a 25% reduction in construction fees supplied by the County BOS.

    If I have failed to make my point at this point it’s only because there are more details and dots to connect. All you have to do is bring up Dan Telvock’s archives for answers or be told it ain’t so by persons who would prefer you not know, until it’s too late.

    Let the games begin. I’ll just stick to the facts.

  • lgross

    okay.. so your point is….. what? Can you help
    connect the dots here for those of us not as quick to


  • gramps


  • MAVRICKinc

    Once again, you two have nothing more to offer for publuic consumption than more convoluted circles. Why should I want to join your predictable dislogue, postured position and scripted rhetoric?

    I, for one, have found you out to be nothing more than the company men and THEIR mentality. Please, stand your post, with nothing more to offer than a salute back to your sponsors.

    If you claim to be interested in the details, I can only suggest you look them up for yoursaelf. When you discover the truth, WE will have no expectations that your findings will ever make it to the light of day.

    I cut to the chase long ago. If there is somthing you don’t quite understand I can only suggest you reread the contents of my previous comments, on just about any subject you cared to deny ever existed.

    Larry, Gramps, Dan Telvock, you stand on prejudiced and yet hallowed ground. The stories you have to sell or tell are only sustained by your ommissions not your admissions.

    Since YOU have intentionally chosen to tell us only half of the story, what are WE to expected to believe but half of a truth you continue to distort to the benefit of your sponsers, not US.

    YOU to recognize and pay allegiance only a half truths.

    Since YOU have risen to the rank of messenger, WE will read, look, and make an informed decision on what your sponsers would have us believe, or not.

    A decision to do otherwise is entirely of your own making.

  • Minuteman

    My uncle, who passed a number of years ago, was a Navy man in WWII and was on the
    front lines of the Cold War during its tense beginning. It was the supreme highlight of
    his life. It defined who he was and how he lived his life. His experiences created a
    template that scripted the remainder of his life. His memories were the lens through
    which he looked at his family, friends, and colleagues. His stories were family legend.
    He never tired of telling them.

    As a youngster, I sat for hours listening to the stories of battle and the unique historical
    perspective that only a man on the front lines can have. They were interesting and eye
    opening until my aunt lovingly, but respectfully, let me know that over time the stories
    were embellished. Battles were larger, the fighting more fierce, and the tales were more
    harrowing. But, the fog of time clouded the real facts. The names and faces of old
    comrades became more confused.

    Make no mistake, they were good stories. The essential themes of each story remained
    alive – fighting the Japanese in the Pacific, the global competition with Communism – but
    they were more akin to feelings than an accurate recap of historical events. I regret to
    say that, on occasion, I would ask, “So, Uncle Paul, you were in the Navy?” This would be
    all he needed to launch a thousand stories, all of which we had heard before. Many
    times before. But, we thought it would be funny to set things in motion.

    So, I had to chuckle when I read a post from larryg asking Mav, “So, can you help us
    connect the dots?”

  • lgross

    neat story – thanks for sharing

  • MAVRICKinc

    Minuteman: thank you for joining us with your obvious skills in planting seeds of doubt.

    There may come a day when we’ll get an opportunity to exchange war stories.

    I had an uncle much like your own, who survived the WWII battlefront, only to die slowly of his wounds, after returning home from the war.

    He taught me at a very young age how to throw a punch and where to land my first punch.

    My son returned from the Gulf War (Desert Storm) after killing many of the enemy. How much of him came back home will always be the great mystery, hiding behind, “just doing our job”…nothing more, nothing less.

    My anger comes on several different levels of thought, the first of which involved our nations decision to withdraw and leaving the war that only returned again just years later.

    My grandson will soon be dropped into a war zone 3000 miles away from home.

    Now, try taking your amusement to another level of entertainment.

    If you want to share war stories try going back to the Civil War. History has recorded both sides of a senseless disagreement. You’ll find some of your answers buried at the Mason-Dixen line, along with hundreds of thousands of men and women who were lost to us for no good reason.

    So, what has changed since then? Maybe you can take some solace and satisfaction in the fact we continue to the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result. There’s a word for this.

    Maybe, just maybe, the South will rise again to its original arrogance and intolerance of those who have made a case for change that does
    not conform to your version of the truth.

    Truth of the matter is I connected the dots long ago and they are strewn throughout this blog and its archives.

    Who also knows but cares not to make the truth available is Larryg, Gramps and Dan Telvock of the Free Lance Star. Every time we get close to yet another burial site, these guys start filling it up with their bull****. It’s not an uncommon thing to find some part of the truth or its skeletal remains. The hard part is bringing the skeletal remains to the light of day.

    Now that you have established your penchant for telling stories, maybe we should incorporate you into the the group of those who refuse to do their homework, for want of doing the same thing, over and over again, with nothing more to show or offer than a room full of obfuscation.

    I told you my story, and you have told me how amused you are with pieces of the puzzle with no viable solutions, other than to make fun.

    Now that we have reduced Larryg to dictionary sarcasum, we can reasonably assume that’s all he’ll bring to the table.

    While I’m nothing more than a common concerned citizen of Spotsylvania County, I’ll take it on, by way of rebuttable assumption, that you are aligned with business as usual in Spotsylvania County.

    I’m honored that you have chosen a side to speak from. Takes a lot of conviction to stand in your shoes, without reason.

    If this blog site were capable of producing documents, I could easily fill the room up with the other side of the equation.

    You be the judge on what constitutes fact from fiction, unless of course, you choose to buy the lie, which in these parts is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

    This will never be personal. It will, at all times, be about the businees of Spotsylvania County and its collaborators.

    I will expect YOU, at all times, to be nothing more than part of a puzzle that comes without solutions. I can only hope you are not offended, but that is something I have little concern for.

    I won’t advance any further, since I’m nothing more than an amusement.

    Your next question should be directed to Larryg, Gramps, Dan Telvock, and the FLS. They apparently have all the answers, whether you like it or not.

    I have not no problem with you being nothing more than a foregone conclusion.

    Maybe, if you have something more to offer than a story, you might want to consider doing your homework first. I’ve done mine, and it’s not a pretty picture.

    What does Larryg, Gramps, Dan Telvock and the FLS have to offer by way of solutions to a very serious problem, except for your amusment?

    I’m at 84% of capacity, and the ball is in your court. Make of it anything you wish, but there will be a return of your volley.

    Welcome to the arena, unless of course you wish to retreat to yet another story line that has nothing to do with reality.

  • lgross

    oh man… we’re back to square one.. somebody
    went and unconnected those dang dots again.

  • Minuteman

    Dear Mav – I honestly could not follow any of what you just said. I’ll admit it’s probably more my fault than yours. I’ve been watching for awhile the one consistent
    attribute of your writings is the inverse proportion of actual substance to the length of your post. It seems the more you write, the less you say. And then there are
    the conflicts. You promise not to be personal but your typical response to those who disagree with you is just that – personal.

    On behalf of everyone else who contributes to this blog, “We’re not as smart as you.” You’ve done all the homework. You’ve connected all the dots. You’ve bagged
    and tagged all the skeletons in every closet in the greater Spotsylvania metro area. Congrats!

    So, I’ll be glad to tell you where I stand. Please don’t feel any obligation to respond. Just let me wallow in my ignorance!
    1) I will work hard for and give money to Gary Skinner. I hold more values in common with him than with McGuire. Since Messrs. Marshall and Logan have guaranteed
    that this November’s election will be centered on VRE, it makes it easy for the unwashed masses to navigate the political process. “Like VRE = vote Gary”

    2) VRE is a good deal for Spotsy. Not a great deal, but a good one. I understand how the 2.1% wholesale tax works. I understand there’s no easy escape clause. I
    understand that service levels for VRE hover between 80% and 92%. In spite of it all, I’m for VRE. My county with VRE is far more attractive to me, my neighbors, and
    businesses than without it. We’ve had the benefit of watching other localities for a decade and even riding “for free.” We know what we’re getting and most voters
    would be for commuter rail service.

    3) Growth is good … if it occurs predominately in the primary settlement district. I favor more compact developments that feature a mix of uses that maybe, just
    maybe, might allow some to walk from where they live to where they work. But, walkability is not a deal breaker. I’d be fine if people hopped in their car and traveled
    to their job especially if it was in the County and not in NOVA/DC.

    That’s enough for now. Again, please don’t feel any need to respond. I know what you’ll say. You’ve already said it to Larryg, gramps, and reporter Telvock — a
    cabal of the worst order!


  • MAVRICKinc

    Larryg: thank you for contributing more of your sarcasm, for want of substance.

    Minuteman; welcome to the field of play. If I didn’t know any better you are starting to sound more like an editor in chief than someone who uses self deprecation as a launching pad for ideas already cast and set in concrete.

    To belittle with the back of your hand has been around for a long time. I can only be amused at your attempts to gain ground on behalf of “EVERYONE ELSE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS BLOG.” As far as I know, your version of EVERYONE else is the FLS, Dan Telvock for Spotsylvania County government and their SEGMENTS of the county population.

    Your claim to not knowing what I’ve said, begs the real issue that you really do know, but care not to share the truth with the rest of us, other than to anchor your own stand on who and what you are, and what and who you represent.

    If you have money to give to Supv. Skinner’s campaign, I’m sure we’ll find it recorded somewhere in the County Registrar’s Office.

    Last time I looked, Skinners major contributors were Timmy (RCCI) and Tommy Welsh ($3000); Silver $300; Cosner ($1000); Meadows ($1000) and POHANKA ($500). If you’ve got this kind of money to throw around for your cause, who am I to question YOUR reasoning. It’s your money and you can do anything you want with it.

    So, when we talk about the process and your stand “Like VRE=Vote Gary” make sure you take note of the real stakeholders. Fact, not fiction.

    Am I insinuating anything of evil enterprise? No. I leave that up to EVERYONE who contribut to this blog; FLS, Dan Telvock, Larry Gross and Bill Haas…and now you. We’ll to the ranks of those with differing opinions and how they wish to leverage their mouth.

    2) VRE comes with a Master Agreement and has nothing to do with your sentiment that VRE is a good deal for Spotsylvania County, your neighbors, and business interest.

    3) Growth is good, but to what end? Smart growth or more dumb growth? Before answering you might want to consult with the inner circle of the Committee of 500.

    So, now we have 3 against 1. I like the odds.

    Next time you start telling stories you might want to make the point, instead of playing with words. My read of this blog is far different from your own, but then you really haven’t read anything I’ve had to say in the past or the future.

    One day, I hope to find out who you really are and the role you play in the Governments agenda.

    Simply said, you are part of the puzzle, hiding behind a monicker with absolutely no interest in responsibility or accountability.

    I started this particular blog out with an invitation; let the games begin.

    I’ll expect to be hearing from you in response, but you can always hand off to gramps, larryg, Dan or the Committee of 500 to fill in for your counter proposal, but then, you don’t have a counter proposal to make.

    If your skin is not thick enough to take the heat, I suggest you go in for a radical makeover, because it’s only going to get hotter.

    I did my homework and you didn’t.

  • dantelvock

    Did you fix the wall,Marty?

  • lgross

    I know you said you were not covering the PC
    anymore but did you see the matter than they are
    going to consider tomorrow?

    Looks like they are going to go to a different system
    of determining proffers? have I got that right?

  • Minuteman


  • MAVRICKinc

    Dan: you do understand you have opened a door which you have been standing behind for years.

    Since your opening salvo is about whether We “fixed” the wall, the answer is NO. Simply said, it can’t be fixed and it is NOT a retaining wall, but the foundation to our home, which you have chosen to believe otherwise.

    You are aware the FLS has had this information for 10 years or more. I’ll fill in the blanks you have set out for response. You, of course, know it’s not going to be pretty, but you knew this years ago.

    Here it comes, one or more pages at a time, at least until until the truth too much to handle.

    You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, but so have I. Cut me off anytime you want. The best will always be part of a book and not of the games we play with each other from day to day.

    Let’s start out whith the fact, our home was constructed over a failing drain fiel and a sewer drain pipe, currrently owned by the Greens’ Townhouse Association, Inc.

    Simply said, basaed on evolving knowledge the wall can not be reconstructed anywhere close to its current designation.

    So, what are we to do with the lies, by ommission or admission that have been provided by Spotsylvania County’s best in construction and development protocols?

    The FLS, from Jenkins, to Snider, Whitehursat, Gould and many others have made their own contributions over the years to a nullity.

    Dan, you apparently have the details, because I provided them to you. What you wish to do with the details is entirely up to you. Your tour of the property was made long ago. How you wish to report it is entirely up to you and the Free Lance Star. So far, you’ve come up short.

    Is this door still available or is it nothing more than another illusion?

  • MAVRICKinc

    While I recognized your abilities to go off point or the issue at hand, you did say somthing to the effect someone or County government, Planning Commission or Planning Department department were going to address a change in proffer guidelines.

    If I recall, our proffer guides were ignored by the the Planning Commission and BOS when they put TRICORD’s Mallard Landing project through for want of more construction jobs in the Lee’s Hill District.

    Since you guys know more about this subject than I could possibly imagine, why don’t you share your knowledge with the rest of US (citizens)? Or, should we just wait around for the other shoe to drop, if there really is another shoe.

    With Minutemans “AWSOME” I’ll assume he has some information to share as well.

  • Minuteman

    Dear Mav,

    I let my 13-year old son review your postings and
    he made an interesting point. When you asked
    for more information from me or Larryg or Dan
    Telvock, he said, “But I thought *HE* was the
    smartest guy who did *ALL* his homework!”

    A valid point that I missed, initially. It’s obvious
    that you’re really not asking questions to gain
    information and understand differing viewpoints.
    You, like most of us on site like this, use various
    tactics to simply make your point and criticize
    others. Posting comments on a newspaper’s
    website is fun but it’s definitely not serious

    So, please help me understand just how evil and
    broad this conspiracy really is. What are they all
    conspiring to achieve? And, wow, they keep really
    good secrets.


  • dantelvock

    Dear Mav,

    Answer Minuteman.

  • MAVRICKinc

    Minuteman: Did you tell your 13 year son that he was quoted by his father on a blog sight.

    So, was he allowed to read just this site, or did you also give him an opportunity to read and cipher the VRE Master Agreement?

    What you have identified as a valid point provided by your son “But I (your 13 year old son) thought *HE* was the smartest guy who did *ALL* his homework!”

    I did my homework and have acknowledged this fact over and over again at this site and many others. I’ve identified on many occassions where this information can be found in “Public Records.”

    If you look carefully you’re the only ones trying to label me with your own kind of condensation strategy, for want of some kind of leverage you hope to accomplish against anyone who would ask a question.

    I’ve asked that you share your knowlewdge with US, as late as my last comment.

    Did you, your son, Larryg, Gramps, Dan Telvock or the FLS offer an insights on what their homework turned up. NO.

    If you are looking to “understand how evil and broad this conspiracy is, you might want to take that subject up with Larry Gross or Bill Haas. They are the ones who formuled this strategy, not me. They continue to rely on supposition, their versions of what constitutes character, insenuation by inuendo and their need to take the high ground, just as you are doing right now.

    It really is just a basic field strategy. It’s called propaganda, or avoidance of the real issues at hand.

    When you or your 13 year old son have something more to offer, I’m going to suggest you guys take a little time off to do YOUR homework. Otherwise, how can we have an intelligent two way conversation? I don’t see where you’ve made much progrees to this end.

    Next time you intend to use your 13 year old son to make YOUR POINT, may I suggest you leave him to his studies and growing up to make his own choices. Just a thought.

  • lgross

    what do you do for giggles and grins.. bank your
    head on the wall?


    awesome commentary Mav.. very excellent…

  • MAVRICKinc

    Dan: I answered Minuteman’s deployment strategy, but he has yet to supply me with any response to my invitation.

    Simply said, he has nothing to contribute, because he hasn’t done HIS HOMEWORK.

  • lgross

    did you get that new car?

  • dantelvock

    wow, that was worthless

  • dantelvock

    what you offered was another ramble that meant nothing. Where’s the homework?

  • MAVRICKinc

    Dan: asked you question and the response was NO. Is that the answer you were looking for? If so, I can conclude my following remarks will at all times be just another illusion.

    Have you reviewed the public and Court Records on the Wall. I’ve got my copy, how about you?

    I’ll keep you posted. The latest release was provided by the Greens’ Townhouse Assocition, Inc. by their Editor Ed Spring, who also serves as President of the Lee’s Hill Community Association, Inc. I’ll send you a copy. If Coni and I were only allowed to tell the truth of the matter, but that’s a story in the making for the past 14 years.
    If you have a point to make, for asking about the consequences of failed construction of our home, why don’t you make it or discuss it with Ed Spring. He has all the wrong answers but what does that matter to you or him, or the Lee’s Hill Community Association and their collaborator, The Greens’ Townhouse Assocition and Thomas Y Welsh their developer, confidant and for all time their maintenance engineer.

    How it works has been supplied to you and members of the FLS, in writing. What more needs be said, that we haven’t already said and documented over the past 14 years?

    More to be said, but let’s have Minuteman’s son do his talking for him, when allowed to do so, and only for clarification of what Minuteman’s point is.

  • dantelvock

    You won a civil lawsuit several years ago.

    You always fail to make that point, so allow me to do that for you. You won a civil suit against the home builder for the wall.

    What you did with the money is your business.

  • Minuteman

    Dear Mav,

    I’ve seen you many times on TV speak to the BoS in the past about your ongoing legal unpleasantness and you consistently come well-prepared with information and statements from
    the public record. You say you’ve done your homework on various issues and I have no doubt you have. But, I’ve never been able to discern a concrete conclusion resulting from your
    homework nor have I ever heard from you some prescriptive plan to make our community more prosperous and more pleasant.

    And, I just don’t know what to do with the conspiracy stuff. For example, with regard to VRE, you suggest I “take note of the real stakeholders.” When discussing growth, you direct
    me to “consult the inner circle of the Committee of 500.” You even suggest that I’m “part of the puzzle.” I assure you, I’m not. It would be cool to be part of a secret society that
    pulls strings, makes me rich, and gets my kids into the finest colleges. But, alas, I’m not.

    By the way, please forgive me if my last post smelled of condescension. That wasn’t my goal and no one deserves that.

    Can I ask you a favor? In some future post when you make an assertion, please tell us in clear, straight-forward language (assume I’m a 13-year old!) why you believe what you do
    and offer an example. In the legal field, we call it Proof – Information – Example (PIE). It might look something like this:

    Proof: “A group of influential people have organized themselves into a conspiracy to benefit a favored few and throw the rest of us into economic ruin.”
    Information: “The group consists of … (fill in the blank) … and they meet monthly at the IHOP to discuss … (fill in the blank) … and raise their cash via … (fill in the blank).”
    Example: “As a direct result of the conspirators’ work on behalf of developers, new development projects were approved without adequate proffers and it appears we’re going to join


  • dantelvock

    Minuteman, I’ve tried that for 2 years now. No luck. I wish you luck.

  • lgross

    I think you summed it up well Dan.. thanks for

  • gramps


  • MAVRICKinc

    If I’m not mistaken you already have the detailed copy of what really happened. It’s dated September 12, 2005.

    Are you maintaining it’s a simple matter of winning a judgement, without letting our readers know what the judgement is about or included.

    Does the fact that Tom Sagun, Colony House Builders materially misrepresented to the Circuit Court in 2001 how our home was built.
    Did trial and judgement address that our home was constructed on top of a 16′ wide drain easement, and a failing 18″ sewer drain pipe, that both Tom Sagun and developer Thomas Y. Welsh knew about this anomoly before we took possession of our new home. YES, they knew then but failed to provided the existence of this construction failure.

    What is about this 2001 litigation that left us with $22,600 in the bank, after we paid the cost of this initial litigation. In the state of Virginia, if you sue, you are required to pay the cost of putting your case on.

    So, $22,600 was supposed to cover the reconstruction of our home, which necessarily included the reconstruction of a 10′x85′ wall and foundation of our home, plus the entire brick siding to the front of our home.

    The Spotsylvania construction community told us the job could not be accomplished for the $34,000 judgement. Even our construction contractor couldn’t do it for less than $50,000 and the Spotsylvania construction who were invited to bid the project would or couldn’t do it for less than $50,000 and they, like ourselves didn’t have a clue that any construction efforts could have not been accomplished, once the foundation to our home was excavated.

    The money stayed in the bank. The only money withdrawn was for the cost bracing the wall against failing further, and approved by County Code Compliance and their 3rd party engineer, Joe Alexander, who was also the engineer for us when he provided the 10′ wall had failed and could not support more than 3′ of fill, Tom Sagun, Thomas Welsh, and their attorney, Ron Maupin (deceased). Go figure, but only if you reside in Spotsylvania County.

    The Greens’ Townhouse Association, Inc demanded that I remove the barricades I erected, and approved by County Code Compliance since one end of the barricades were anchored on their “common property”

    About four weeks before the Lee’s Hill Community Association, Inc took us to trial on December 29, 2006. I removed the barricades but only after I secured the foundation to our home with steel wiring and anchored to the back of our wall.

    The rest of our money went to the cost of litigation, in defense of our claim that the Greens’ Townhouse Association, Inc, in collaboration with the Lee’s Hill Community Association, Inc started in 2005 after being advised, in writing why they were headed in the wrong direction and WHY. Lee’s Hill strategized they would pay our existing mortgage down with their attorney fees.

    Looks at the moment they succceeded with this strategy, but are now coming to better understand they had an opportunity in 2005 to make this whole thing go away. How much advanced notice do you need to give these 2 HOAs?

    They chose to ignore us and they had the resources to assist under the terms of their covenants, but were persuaded to take the strategic strategy of litigation.

    Dan, if you are compelled to recite what Judge Beck drew on, i can only suggest you read the entire transcript of the hearing. But apparently you don’t want to go there for too much fill dirt and very serious revelations.

    As you know, we’ve established a major record with the Spotsylvania County BOS, 3 minutes at a time, since October 2005 and it’s all on film. We didn’t leave anyone out and supplied to BOS with the names and how they decided to conduct business for its favorite sons.

    So how was the money spent? Sorry, you decided not to know beyond a single judicial sound bite. There’s so much more but you like the HOAs would prefer not to know. That’s a burden I’m capable of bearing. Not so sure about Coni. She’s the one on total disability, and I’m just crazy.

  • MAVRICKinc

    Dan: The information you’ve been supplied over the years begs your conclusions fail to let your readers know what you and the FLS know and ave been sitting on for 12 years, under terms of a gag order.

    “You (I) always fail to make that point (won a judgement against the builder April 2001) so allow me (Dan Telvock/FLS) to do that for you. You (me) won a civil suit against the home builder for the wall. What you did with the money is your (my) business.

    So, if you want to sell part of a story rather than its constituent parts that make up the whole of the story, and failing to mention to your readers, we have published to the public and many members of the FLS what our story is about, including the intitial litigation and a litigation strategy that was followed by our HOAs and about issues surrounding this Counties favorite sons who chose not to tell us our home was constructed on a failing drain field and sewer draion pipe, BEFORE WE PURCHASED OUR NEW HOME.

    As you know this is not about a wall but the entire side of our home. We have recorded we spent 6 years making every reasonable effort to get developer Thomas Y Welsh and construction contractor Thomas Sagun, and their attorney Ron Maupin, Esq. to have our failed construction REBUILT. They refused in everyway possible not to rebuild the wall because of what we now know could not have been reconstructed once the foundation to our home and the Greens’ Townhouse Association, Inc “common property” was excavated and showing violations in the construction of our home.

    If I’m not mistaken, I recently provided you with a coppy of a letter I received from the the Department of Professional, Occupational Regulation that they could proceed with prosecution of the violations Tom Sagun committed, because Tom Sagan said he would take care of the problem in 1998. Public record will confirm he did not and had no intention to take up any kind resolution to our failed construction.

    You have intentionally chosen to conduct your journalistic business under the guise of your kind of condensation and obfuscation of the facts, which can’t be put on this blog because of the size of the documentation and records we have put together over the past 14 years.

    Long and the short of it all, you have the story, but buried it for want of embarrassing your constituents.

    Next time you want to take credit for doing something over thge last 2 years, and failed, I would suggest you let your readers know, in detail, what it is you claim to have done over the past two years for me or my family. to get our home reconstructed.

    Last time you spoke out in the press you concluded our wall was a “retaining wall” by your definition and yet Judge Scott determined our wall was real property and made up the foundation to our home. I don’t recall your making a retraction.

    If your intentions are to misinform, mislead or mutilate the truth, by leaving out an enormous record, that you have been supplied, why don’t you just come out and fess up to the truth. We are prepared to fill in all the blanks that you would prefer not be filled.

    I recall you pulled this same stunt in a past blog
    when the issue was the Committee of 500 and their rights to believe anything they want. I choose not to digress at this time.

  • MAVRICKinc

    MINUTEMAN: I’m returning to your September 3, 2009, 2:24 pm for comment and response.

    If you claim to have seen me many times on TV Speak to the BOS, since October 2005, I’m caused to presume, and I don’t like to presume, even intelligence of my own or yours, what it is, if anything, did you understand about those presentations?

    I don’t believe I left any one out. Under title of “Legislative Agenda” I continue to speak to the inequities the development and construction communities continue to bring to this County.

    I even went so far as to script my presentations for anything that may at any one time lost to the BOS’s 3 minute mile I’m caused to run every time I made my way to the podium.

    Simply said, what I accomplished was to provide the BOS not only with my presentation but the supporting documentation. As a matter of record
    the BOS chose to ignore anything and everything brought to their attention; it’s all on file at the County Administrators Office.

    It was only when my presentations started to embarrass their friends (Development and Construction and their agendas) that the BOS in September 2007 chose to change their By-Laws to the effect I would no longer be permitted to continue with my legislative agenda presentations monthy and be confined to presentation every 6 months, instead of monthly. Although the motion failed, Emmitt Marshall, TC Waddy and Hap Connors were backing this failed proposal. Talk about freedom of speech all you want, but it’s not part of the County’s working agenda.

    If you’re looking for a prescriptive plan, please be reminded VACORRESPONDSENT came with an intelligent plan, and identifying how flawed our procees really is, but was rejected by Dan Telvock and the Free Lance Star over a zero, without qualification or quantification.

    It’s at this point I have to ask what you don’t get about the obvious?

    Your use of the term “conspiracy” apparently is framed in YOUR version of failing to note there is another side to the one you claim to be the right way to go, Is there something about profound bias that you don’t understand?

    At no time do you need to apologize for your use of conbdensation. I like to think of your postured poosition as one that fits best in polite conversation.

    If your position is grounded in law, I suggest you get a better attorney.

    Let’s let YOU be both judge and jury, which apparently is where you’re heading. Don’t mind that Dan Telvock and the FLS are working to the same end.

    Here’s your script for want of a foregone conclusion. If you intend to mix conspiracy into the equation, YOU are SOL

    The BOS and there participating members conduct business only behind closed doors. That’s where they meet with their stakeholders. Ever try try to get admission to the Planning Department’s FOCUS meetings? I’ve been denied admission 3 times by Wanda Parrish. What is it that you want me to conclude? Dan reports that everytring is OK based on assurances he has received from County elected officials. No, they don’t meet at IHOP.

    They meet at FAMPO meetings. Try May 15, 2009 or do do you need me to hold your hand.

    The FAMPO site alone should be proof enough you don’t want to know the truth. All you want to do is run around in circles.

    Drop the “Cordially”. It doesn’t fit what is currently on the table. Polite conversation is not one of my strong points.

    I like to think of it as nothing more than an intentional distraction, to calm the waters being brought to YOU shore.

    Since I don’t know who you really are, I believe it best to consider you part of the puzzle, without anything to offer but trash talk; whether you’re 13 or 50.

    If you’re the new guy on the block, I suggest you look at both sides of the equation, before you decide to enter the field of battle. Otherwise , I will once again presume you are nothing more than the sacrificial lamb.

    BOTTOM LINE: get a better attorney.