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The Spotsylvania Citizens Roundtable for Political Action PAC

A new PAC called Spotsylvania Citizens Roundtable for Political Action is up and running. You go here and there are only two names on the registry.

So, earlier I implied two people started the PAC. I have found out that they are members and officers of the PAC, but it wasn’t their idea. The PAC seems to be a spinoff of the local NAACP. The chairman is Col. Horace McCaskill.

The PAC has a coming out reception on Sept. 26. The PAC’s mission is to promote the participation and inclusion of African Americans and other minorities in the political and economic process of Spotsylvania County, specifically on elected and appointed boards, commissions, committees and in the Virginia political system.


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  • gramps

    some real excellent candidates. We could certainly use some.

  • MAVRICKinc

    All I can recall from past comments and exchanges with Larry Gross about investing money into the VIRGINIA PUBLIC ACCESS PROJECT (VPAP) he was sold on the idea that VPAP offered solutions to how Spotsylvania County can find better and best business practices in governing our County and its citizens.

    I recall telling Larry that VPAP appeared to be nothing more than bean counters. Simply said, VPAP is about money, not solutions on how to better the management of Spotsylvania County in conducting business for its citizens.

    If the business of the Spotsylvania Citizens Roundtable for Political Action is commited to advancing black America into the political arenas of the County and State governments. I applaud their initiative, their cause and reasoning they can make a difference, and bring about change in Spotsylvania County and the State of Virginia.

    If they are a constituent part of the NAACP I can better understand their resolve and purpose which is to be commended, but to what end?

    I’m sure the details will be coming out at their September 26, 2009 introduction to Spotsylvania County and supplying us with their mission statement and where they intend to take this community, with the assistance of its citizen’s imput.

    I look forward to hearing back from this PAC and how their affiliation with VPAP will serve this community.

  • lgross

    is about campaign finance disclosure – an
    important component of a higher level of
    accountability for government and elections.

    It never was intended to take action – there
    theory here is that is citizens know – they will take

    but if they don’t know.. then there is less
    accountability and more opportunity for money to
    become more of an influence.

    VPAP only does state level disclosure unless a
    county or it’s citizens helps VPAP with the costs of
    establishing the data for that county.

    Whether a county or it’s citizens choose to do
    that or not – is a signal to candidates.. whom I
    assure will notice whether or not VPAP is providing
    campaign money data

    so.. if one is concerned about developer money
    being involved in Spotsylvania elections – think
    about helping out VPAP… so we can get Spotsy’s
    campaign money online.

    that too would be a good thing for a citizen group
    to pursue.. IMHO

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