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Top Honors: You Guys

I have to thank you all for coming here every day. For the past few months I’ve had the most blog traffic here at the FLS. Who would have thought a boring blog on government would be so popular here. Emily Battle is right behind me and Kelly Hannon is not far off either.

I like the fact that I am beating Emily Battle’s blog, which I read daily. Keep reading and keep coming! Of course, I earn nothing extra for driving traffic to the site. None of us do. It’s a free service to you :) Now subscribe to the newspaper! 

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  • Brian

    This just means you have too much free time (to continuously refresh your blog at home.)

  • dantelvock

    ha! I have several other blogs and a band that keep me busy after work, Brian.

  • EmilyBattle

    It must be the hat.

  • lgross

    I take full credit for your success.


    I subscribe also. In fact, I may have subscribed
    more years than you have been alive.


  • glasshouse

    Dan, you have good debate centered on VRE, a mall road, and a county attorney who wants to keep public information proprietary – and you tell it like it is.

    Emily, you have a mayor who re-wrote Roberts Rules of Order, a city manager who fell in lust with his employee, a city council that chose to raise tax rates in a recession, a city that preaches ‘buy local’ but spends its money on out of town contractors and foreign goods not unlike the tele-evangelists that get caught with their pants down (hiprocracy). And, there is the former employee caught taking his girlfriend to Richmond in an unmarked vehicle who ‘retired’ so Council could give him recognition for his service to the City.

    We all have much to be thankful for!

    Keep writing.

  • glasshouse

    Unmarked City vehicle!

    need to add an editing function