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How does Loudoun County do it?

Here in Spotsylvania County, it seems there is a new county administrator every three years. But in Loudoun County, which at one time was the fastest-growing place in the country, they’ve had just two county administrators in 38 years. That’s hard to believe for a place with as much controversy as there has been in Loudoun County, including an FBI investigation for land deals.

Even with all the politics, they are able to retain their county administrators for many years.Here’s a story about the development.

It appears the Board of Supervisors are content with keeping Doug Barnes as the county administrator until he retires, which could be in that three-year span.


  • lgross

    Loudoun has had tremendous growth presided over
    by a pro-development BOS who was then
    substantially replaced with a less “pro” BOS and
    normally… the CA is doing the bidding of the BOS
    (or supposed to) and they come and go with the
    changes that come from elections… so the guy/gal
    they had must have well maintained the trust of very
    diverse BOS… to have survived.

  • dantelvock

    I worked for a newspaper in LC when the Kirby Bowers was county admin. He is from the same town in New York as me. He was there since 1991 I believe or 1992.

    During that period, the BOS had transformed from pro growth to slow growth I think four times, maybe even more. It happened twice in my 4-year tenure at Leesburg Today. It turned to slow growth right when I left, but it didn’t matter because the economy tanked.

  • lgross

    to get more perspective on the “growth”
    comparisons between Spotsy and Loudoun… when
    Spotsy was struggling to keep up – with one new
    school a year.. Loudoun was building about five!