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Former County Administrator Gets South Carolina Post

Who is going to tell me that Anthony Barrett isn’t thinking "retirement" right now? He was before my time here and I’ve never met him, but I’ve heard about him and know his name. Former Spotsylvania County Administrator Anthony Barrett is now the town manager for Bluffton, South Carolina. He is 65. You can read about it here. But is the lead to the story a bit eerie? 

Among the attributes members of Bluffton Town Council cited in hiring new town manager Anthony Barrett was his willingness to "do the will of council."

 Do the will of the council? 

"My philosophy is simple," Barrett said in a phone interview Friday. "I’m a servant of council. My role is to provide administrative leadership and advice to implement their policies."


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  • lgross

    I bet. I dunno what the average tenure is of a
    County Administrator but it ain’t forever by a long