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School Board Shows Spirit of Partnership

Supervisors last night gladly accepted $500,000 from the School Board to help cover its remaining fiscal year 2009 shortfall. The action taken by the School Board on June 8,  has been a rarity for the past four years or so. Although there wasn’t much discussion about the decision, several sources said that the relationships between school administrators and the county has improved quite a bit since Doug Barnes became the interim county administrator. With that said, some supervisors will also say that they’ve been able to work out concerns with the school system much easier than in the past.

Last year the School Board signed a resolution that said it is aware of the economic turmoil and it would work with the county to resolve any shortfalls. School Board Chairman Gil Seaux wrote Supervisor Hap Connors Monday, reassuring them that the School Board understands the current economic conditions and "will continue to partner with you and the other members of the Board of Supervisors to hep in dealing with them."

With that said, Mr. Barnes dealt with some recent tragedy. His garage/barn was destroyed by fire last week. He had just returned from work after visiting his grandson in Hawaii and got the call from his wife that the structure was on fire. They lost quite a bit of stuff, including a new tractor, a very nice Volvo (my favorite kind of car) and tons of memories stored away, along with tools and other stuff. He showed me the pictures and it was obvious that everything was gone pretty quick. He said that mice caused the fire by biting into some electrical cords. Luckily, he was insured and he expressed to me that it pays to have good insurance. Thankfully, no one was injured and his wife was able to get the dogs out of the pen quick enough to save them from harm. Material things lost, but he’s still a happy guy. He said it is good to have God on his side.





  • Fredtastic

    Mr. Barnes is a good guy and this County is lucky to have him in the administrator position during this difficult financial crisis. Many other localities are not as fortunate as we are to have someone like Mr. Barnes at the helm.