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Big drop in median sale price

There was a large drop in the median sale price for a home in Spotsylvania County for the month of April.

The median price dropped 6.97 percent to $174,900, down from $188,000 in March. A staff report says that the market has been "very erratic" with drops as much as 11 percent and increases as high as 5.6 percent. 

The median sale price in January was $260,000. 


  • lgross

    as my TV keeps blinking off from the broadcast
    from the County – which it has been doing for

    as I sit here right now – at 6:34pm.. in the
    middle of the discussion about the county
    proffers policy – the TV is blank….for several

    I don’t know who is in charge or what the
    problem itself is but the county is making a
    statement in it’s awareness of this problem.

    at the least – a simple explanation of the
    problem if it cannot be fixed easily or cheaply
    would be appreciated…..

  • lgross

    “floor computer please” – .. they might as well
    say ” we will not cease broadcasting for a short

    does anyone know what the heck is going on with
    the county broadcasts of it’s meetings?

  • dantelvock

    I will find out. It is probably worth a story

  • lgross

    thank you.

    I cannot properly kibitz if I can’t get the broadcasts!

    I saw enough of the proffer discussion to be amused and alarmed.

    Apparently.. we’ll not be able to repay our bonds if we don’t build more houses that we are told – won’t pay
    for themselves.

    so… we’re on a ponzi scheme here… we need more houses built so we can tax them so we can pay the
    bonds …for the infrastructure that we built for the houses that were built in previous years.

    Where is Yogi Berra when you need him? This is Deja Vu all over again.

    Mr. Logan got it right at one point – the need for proffers to be based on accurate and up-to-date info.

    Easier said than done.. and clearly an issue that the planning folks also struggle with.

    but Mr. Logan got it wrong talking about “available” seat in schools already paid for.

    If that were true.. then why did we have to build all these new schools that have put the county into it’s
    cycle of financing them with bonds and then having to pay back the bonds?

    As I watched them discussing this.. I could actually HEAR Mr. Jackson thinking out loud: ” Either you get
    the proffers or you have to raise taxes to pay the bonds back” … so if you are opposed to the proffers…
    you are in essence for higher taxes….to cover the NEW school costs.

    the problem with Mr. Skinners approach is that …even if you collect proffers – they are.. after the fact –
    because when that mom and dad buy that house and pay the proffer -they expect Johnny to walk into a
    school the next day…so that school has to be already built and available…

    When you have two or three empty seats at R.E. Lee and a 300-lot subdivision is built ..where do the other
    297 kids go when R.E. Lee’s 3 seats are used?

    all in all.. a disturbing conversation.. because apparently we are forgetting how we got into trouble with
    growth before…

  • gramps

    In my view, ALL levels of government today are operating as Ponzi schemes and the tax payers are the victims (or “dupes” if you will). And it goes on and on without a seeming end in sight.

  • lgross

    but to have Mr. Logan… as much as admit it….
    and he’s a businessman… oy vey!

    so… to keep our taxes low.. we gotta build more
    homes that don’t pay for themselves… ???

    Where’s Bob Hagen when we need him?