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What do you think of my art?

We don’t always have to talk government in here. How do you like my paintings?


The blue one goes to the highest bidder! :)





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  • hapconnors

    NIce job. Keep it up. I have started doing some classes at Liberty Town. Hope to see you there sometime.

  • lgross

    Good Stuff…but keep your day job just yet
    unless you make a wad on your first two!

  • gramps

    been quite jealous of those on the planet with artistic talent. I “failed” stick drawing once! Keep up the good work, Dan.

  • MAVRICKinc

    Good first try at the disipline of picturing chaos that comes with throwing paint at a canvas or heavy duty paper pallette.

    I stated putting faces on circles when I was eight years old. From drawing circles I introduced myself to oil, acrylic. pastoil and pastel chalk, pen and ink. Sold just about everthing to the open market, from here to LA. I’m still hold on to some 4′x6′ painted canvases. They used to hang at GEICO’s Bethesda Executive Office…6th to 8th floor. David Lloyd Kreeger, was both my mentor and inspiration. However I decided early on not the join the ranks of the starving artist. Kept my day job and got a JD instead.

    Maybe one day we can start showing our works for public dispay? I’ll let you go first though.

    Between your artistic passion, kayaking the white waters of our local streams, and loaning tents to those less fortunate, I can omly hope you meet your next deadline, before going to press with as much passion as you’ve pictured here. Your artistic skills with words should be reward enough, but it’s good to see you branching out to other mediums/medias of communication.

    As you well know you can never see what’s on the other side, unless you climb over to the other side first. Otherwise, you’ll confine your artistic skills to a single flat surface. Life like art is three or more dimensions wide with a single point from which to launch your next artistic rendering or thought.

    If you plan on leaving the box you’re in, please make sure you take a map along with you. We should all and always have a way to make it back

  • wizard1073

    What did the artist intend? I see a few patterns, but the engineer in me is not comprehending.

    That said, I have a positive visceral reaction to both paintings, and would hang either one on my wall.

  • dantelvock


    These abstract works are basically done in light pencil first. When I was young, I used to doodle around an entire piece of paper, making shapes, snaking around corners and adding little heads that resemble dinosaurs or animals. That is the only art I know how to do. So, when I get these shapes out on canvas, I paint them in with colors, and I try not to really match anything. Then, sometimes, I go outside and find some other media to glue to the painting. In this case, it was a red flower. I did one last week for a friend that has an un-bloomed yellow rose that appears to be the head of of a serpent coming out from a blazing blue thing. No idea what I am doing. It’s spur of the moment. The blue one just looks like something from the ice age. I never realized how meditative this is. It gets so quiet and the amount of concentration it takes ensures I am strictly paying attention to the stroke of the brush. Nothing else matters.