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What report?

 At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Emmitt Marshall said staff gave him a monthly report that showed his 3-acre agricultural lot proposal led to six new lots so far. I have not seen any official report on this, but he said:

"It has been sometime now since it has been adopted and staff is telling me we’ve only got six lots. I think that is very reasonable and I think that is something to be proud of and we all can be rest assured that were not going to be run over with 3 acre lots."



  • thelama

    …when you multiply those lots by the amount of proffers lost to the county (approx. $35K x 6) – $210,000 that taxpayers will have to foot to accommodate the capital improvements – school, library, fire/rescue, roads, etc. – necessary for people living on those new lots.

  • MAVRICKinc

    How many times did Supvs. Marshall and Waddy provide that their rural constituents were in dire straights and needed relief in order to make ends meet in our economic downturn.

    The BOS made this 3 acre proposal in March, 2009 the very foundation of their 3 acre proposal.

    Two months later Mr Marshall claims to have a report enumerating that only 6 applications have been submitted submitted to County Planning and Zoning.

    Was this ordinance put into place just to save 6 County homeowners? I’m starting to see a lot of “For Sale” signes that have been taylored to the 3 acre mentality. Lee’s Hill District Supervisor claimed he had already negotiated 100 3 acre lots, before the vote was even taken, but maybe I heard wrong after viewing the DVD rendition of the BOS meeting covering their 3 acre agenda,

    Best business practices should call for a little more time than 2 months, to see what gets dredged up and dressed up as our County’s latest version of a 401K account and funded by the Spotsylvania County tax payer.

    Next time Planning creates yet another report for Mr. Marshall and any bragging rights it may create, WE would like to know where this “report” can be found, and what arrangements need to be made to read the report for ourselves. By years end would should have a better idea of where we are being led by our elected officials and what their “vision” includes and excludes.