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Randy Wheeler finds new manager job

The City of Poquoson hired former Spotsylvania County Administrator Randy Wheeler to run the ship there. You can read the story here.

Poquoson Mayor Gordon Helsel said of Wheeler, "His ability is substantial in terms of being a team player. He’s energetic and ready to take on the load we’re about to put on his shoulders."

Wheeler will start June 1. 

According to articles published last year by the Free Lance-Star, Wheeler’s contract with Spotsylvania County was supposed to expire in June, but he resigned Nov. 30 after an 18-month period that was "tumultuous at times" and involved "several run-ins with supervisors."

In a short interview, Wheeler disagreed with that assessment, but said after leaving Spotsylvania he searched for a place with a strong sense of community for himself and his family that includes wife Starla and sons Austin, 9, and Andrew, 7.

Upon his departure from Spotsylvania, Wheeler was given a lump sum of $114,885 — half of his annual salary. In 2007, Wheeler was given a 23 percent pay raise that brought his yearly pay to $173,265 — reportedly one of the highest salaries in that region for a county administrator.

In Poquoson, Wheeler will make $130,000 annually. That is about $15,000 less than Burgess made at his retirement. 

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  • Fredtastic

    I wish Mr. Wheeler and his family the best in his new position.

  • lgross

    ditto. I was not in the know as to why him and
    the county parted company but the period of
    time that he was CA – the county made some
    substantial progress on several front.. and my
    perception was (rightly or wrongly) that Wheeler
    was helping to carry the ball on that team.

  • Minuteman

    I, too, have high regard for Randy and wish him
    well in his new position. I have no doubt he will
    bring with him the same level of concern for the
    staff and the same fiscal discipline he
    demonstrated here.

    Fair winds and following seas.

  • MAVRICKinc

    I’m reminded that he thought during his administration we should consider putting a penny per capita aside, not for rainy days but being stuck in mud waiste deep.

    My connection with Randy Wheeler was at all times in praise of what he brought to the table in Spotsylvania County’s best interest. He’s going to do fine in what he does best; making way for everyone to sit at the table, besides special interest and stealth agendas.

  • miguelito1

    Why did the Board of Supervisors feel so highly about Wheeler that they gave him a huge salary increase one year and sacked him the next? We tax payers will pay a small fortune to find a replacement with no experience in the area. What lousy judgment the BOS displayed in this and other matters. Wheeler is lucky to find a job in a smaller town that will appreciate his talents. Their gain–our loss!

  • miguelito1

    The Spotsy BOS gives Wheeler an enormous raise one year and the boot the next. Why? Did he offend one of the fragile egos on the Board? What a waste of money and talent. We will spend a fortune to find a replacement with no local experience. Why lousy judgment on the part of the Board. Good luck to Wheeler on his new job. Their gain, our loss!

  • miguelito1

    Wheeler gets a super raise one year and the boot the next. What happened? He must have offended a super ego on the BOS. We will spend a fortune finding a replacement with no local experience. What lousy judgement on the part of the BOS.