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Supervisor Benjamin Pitts’ conflict of interest

If you recall, Supervisor Benjamin Pitts abstained from voting on the Special Service Tax Districts, citing that he had a financial conflict of interest. I called Mr. Pitts today to get more details about the conflict.

He recently accepted a job with a security firm that HCA hired to watch over the construction site of the new hospital. The company that hired the firm is the general contractor, but the general contractor is paid by HCA. Pitts said he could have still voted on the matter, but he decided to go above and beyond the law by identifying he had a conflict and also not voting. Case closed.

And by the way, Mr. Pitts is running for the BATTLEFIELD District again this November. 


  • lgross

    well that would come as a total shock not only to
    his constituents in the Battlefield District but also
    Mr. Skinner of Lee Hill…

    That Dan guy.. he sure has a sense of humor..


  • MAVRICKinc

    Now that we know what a conflict of interest looks and sounds like, I have to wonder why Mr. Pitts disclosure was not made as transparent as a phone call from the FLS for clarification. Maybe we should start asking our questions of the Board of Supervisors through the phone filter of the FLS reporting staff. I certainly don’t mind getting answers to my questions from second hand sources. It’s the translation that bothers me the most.