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Sups to keep $5.2 million from schools as safety net

Spotsylvania supervisors last night decided to withhold $5.2 million from the school system as a safety net if revenues continue to drop in fiscal year 2010.

Supervisors said that they needed to withhold the money to ensure they do not have the same problem they had this year, which was cutting budgets in the middle of the year and laying off employees so they could balance the budget.

Supervisors had asked to keep $8 million, but the school system argued that amount was too much. Five of the supervisors agreed to the $5.2 million figure, but Supervisor Gary Jackson wanted more. The county general government will store $2.6 million, with $1 million coming from the $7.4 capital projects budget.

Treasurer Larry Pritchett said he believes the $7.8 million safety net should be sufficient to cover any problems in fiscal year 2010. But Jackson said the county has sustained the lion’s share of cuts over the past two fiscal years-more than 85 percent to the school system’s 15 percent.

"I fear that staff’s estimate could easily be inadequate," Jackson said. "I am very concerned about that."

Supervisor Hap Connors said he shares Jackson’s concerns but he has to trust Pritchett’s assessment.

Supervisors also passed an agreement with the Spotsylvania County School Board to change the way it does payroll. In June, most school employees get three months pay for the summer months they have off. This total payroll is more than $30 million and the very large payment can cause cash flow problems.

School Board Chairman Gil Seaux said that the resolution means the school system will work with county staff to make the changes.

"Our intent is we live by the resolution," he said.

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  • 1958

    So we are good to go? So why are the outsourced contractors still taking hrs away from Spotsylvania county workers. If you work for the county who gave the Contractors the rights over the Spotsylvania county school workers