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Supervisor Hap Connors counters Supervisor T.C. Waddy on bond discussion

Supervisor T.C. Waddy, the Livingston District supervisor, has long held that residents in his rural district have not gotten their fair share of the 2005 bond referendum money. He says he has so many dirt roads and hardly any of the $144 million has been used to pave dirt roads. Waddy said during last night’s county board meeting that the Board of Supervisors will find it real hard to pass another bond referendum.

Supervisor Hap Connors snapped. He said Waddy’s comments are a disservice to the community.

"Mr. Waddy I share your frustration that this takes time, but I do not want to leave the perception that we’re not getting anything done," Connors said.

Connors then had Becky Golden, the director of capital projects, to talk about all of the projects underway and completed with bond money. There’s not a lot done, but there is a lot in the pipeline.

"Issuing bonds is one thing; finding a revenue stream to pay them back is quite another," Connors said.

Here is a story I did about the 2005 bond referendum.


  • lgross

    I understand the agnst expressed at the meeting by BOTH Mr. Waddy AND Mr. Connors but I would submit that at
    least some of this could be alleviated if someone on the county web site with a simple “click” – the following info would

    Unpaved Roads ($9.3m)
    􀂃Ham’s Ford Road
    􀂃SunnybrookeFarm Road
    􀂃Pepper Tree Road
    􀂃GladyFork Road
    􀂃Stewart Road

    􀂃Williams Lane
    􀂃Spotswood Furnace Road
    􀂃Twilight Lane/BlaydesCorner
    􀂃Sullivan Road
    􀂃Parker Lane
    􀂃Mallard Point Lane
    􀂃Ryland Payne Road
    􀂃Wigglesworth Road
    􀂃White Shop Lane

    along with an updated (and kept updated) status of each one…

    Mr. Waddy may not be internet-savy enough to cope ( I really don’t know) but others will be and instead of the big
    production with Becky Golden – just say – “accurate and up to date status info is available on the county website at: ”
    and that should take care of the issue for many folks…

    To illustrate – I found the above road info buried in a Power Point on page 5 at:

    I (and others) still don’t know the status of each – which would not only be helpful to some citizens but stop
    unwarranted criticism in it’s tracks but also.. and probably just as important – keep all citizens up to date on how their
    tax monies are being spent.

    I’m not complaining here… and the county has success in providing info… but I still think a simple list of projects –
    each with an accurate and up-to-date status would not be a hard thing to do.. and would be a help.

  • dantelvock

    Very good advice, Larry but it would take staff time to do it. Miss Golden’s department is small.

    But I would love a Web site that gave regular or even monthly updates on road projects.

  • lgross

    Dan.. it’s not that hard to keep a list.. and update it once a week and it will pay big
    dividends in tamping down misinformation. I would dare say that few folks in the
    county, including some on the BOS and PC could not tell you roads are scheduled for
    improvements and when.

    Instead of responding with.. ” Let’s get Becky to do a presentation” or “I’ll get back
    to you with that info”…. why not … instead – be able to say: ” well of course, we have
    a list on our website and anyone can look up those roads anytime without a lot of
    whoop-de-do or wailing and gnashing of teeth…???

    Mr. Waddy was correct – not on the facts of the matter – but on citizens (and his own)
    perception of the status AND their possible lack of future support of projects…..

    Mr. Connors was correct on the facts (with the help of BG) but unfortunately maybe
    one in 100 will see the telecast and many others may well have the same attitude as
    Mr. Waddy did…

    One thing the BOS did do initially was to have signs put up where the improvements
    are being done… that’s a good thing…

    those signs could have on them – “to see a status of all SPOTSY road probjects, go

    Look at it this way – if Mr. Waddy is correct – and the citizens perceive a lack of results
    from the referenda, then Ms. Golden may not have much in the way of future
    projects… so it might be worth her while to keep a little status list….

    besides.. citizens who voted for the referenda are entitled to an easily-obtainable
    status list without having to go ask for it…. it’s just good government to do this.

  • hapconnors

    Good thoughts, Larry. Can you help Becky and Kathy Smith set up this site? Thanks in advance.

  • lgross

    You bet! You just give me the status info weekly
    and a spot on the county website and I’ll ensure
    that it is kept up to date… for “free”!!

  • MAVRICKinc

    LARRY: What to you consider unwarranted criticism, or is that a subject where you draw the line in the sand and cover your ears?

  • hapconnors

    Thanks, Larry. They may be contacting you.

  • lgross

    unwarranted criticism = criticism not based on the