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Part-time religion reporter?

No, I am not the part-time religion reporter but I have been asked to cover two religioun-related stories recently.

Here’s a video I did Friday.  I am not 100-percent happy with it. Not even 80-percent happy, and I did it over twice, which is why I was here until after 7 p.m. Friday. I wanted to do better and realized I didn’t have enough real good material to do what I wanted. So I had to get real creative with what I had. I used some tricks, like the beginning fade in, and I used as much B-roll, which is the extra material used over the violin music, as I had. Some of it is shaky, as I rarely ever use a tripod. I like to train my hand to be steady. Tripods are for the weak. Plus, mine makes some horrible noise when I turn it and the mic catches it.

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