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Passing the budget

Supervisors are expected to pass the fiscal year 2010 budget tonight, at 6 p.m.

I took Monday off, only to be provided with one of the biggest rain storms of the year. It killed my kayaking trip idea. Yes, I bought a kayak, and that’s going to be what I do a lot of this summer. But I am back in the daily grind with my job and coffee. 

I ran into former planning commissioner Hugh Montgomery Saturday afternoon when I went on my kayaking trip. Nice guy. He needed help unloading his fishing boat, so me and my buddy JB helped him get it into the water. But we’re unsure if he got it out OK. I hope he did. 

So, the last time supervisors discussed the budget, they wanted to lower the proposed personal property tax rate by at least five cents and put some county-owned property up for sale to raise some one-time funds for a few social services agencies. Tonight we will find out if that all will happen. Slicing the personal property tax rate a few cents will cost about $500,000—money the supervisors almost unanimously wanted the school system to cut. Last I heard, the school system said they could cut its budget by that much more. 


If that is the case, expect a personal property tax rate of about $6.28 and some social services agencies can hope for some extra money if the county sells the land. 


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