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Connector road and Traffic

A regular poster at FLS brings up an intriguing subject on today’s story about the connector road.


Have you driven behind the mall? (posted by f4td4ddy , Mar. 30, 2009 4:03 pm)

The whole "mall beltway" — oops "towne centre beltway" — has a low speed limit and dozens of entry/exit points to get into the parking rows. How exactly is a road that connects this parking lot to Harrison Road going to help the overall speed of traffic? Pointless, dangerous, and silly idea to think this connector road will improve traffic flow.

The last designs I saw of this connector road showed it connecting to the mall’s ring road in back of the mall. Past articles in this newspaper say the connector road was to connect with State Route 3, but that’s not happening. However, if it did, and I do not see why it couldn’t, there would be a much larger benefit for motorists.

Instead, motorists will have to use the ring road to connect to the connector road. So, how does this help traffic on State Route 3? 

Good question, and I’ve asked it. The answer I get is that what the connector road really does is provide a new avenue for people to get to the mall without using State Route 3 by taking Harrison Road all the way to the connector road, where you will be dropped off right behind the mall. But these same plans also show a four-land road  at 45 miles per hour (it might be 35 miles per hour now) connecting to a 15 miles per hour ring road. Now, what no one has been able to answer for me is how will this not create a bottleneck? The widening stops before you get to the Rt. 1 intersection. So, any questions residents are asking about how this road is going to improve traffic will eventually be answered once I see the 60 percent plans from Cafaro Co.But pushing cars off of a 45 MPH road onto a 15 MPH road…is that really happening?

You may or may not like the answers. 


  • lgross

    the county ought to be providing as much
    information as they can to it’s citizens…

    not providing information feeds …promotes
    rumors and generates opposition…. and in
    general confirms the cynics suspicion that that
    county is up to no good….

    the county is making the same mistakes that
    VDOT makes when it deals with a controversial

    honestly is the best policy. People can fault the
    plans.. but they can also understand and respect
    a difference of opinion about the best path to

    If the county had embarked on this from the
    beginning .. to provide info.. it would have forced
    them to pay more attention to the planning and
    execution which would have headed off some of
    the problems they now have.

    I’m disappointed that Spotsy is using the VDOT
    model for public process.

  • groucho45

    if the county of Spotsylvania and the Cafaro Co. arn’t up to NO good, then WHY did the county attorney Jacob Stroman sit on the violation of the agreemet to put up a bond to ensure the road would be built for over 18 months?

  • lgross

    I don’t know the answer but I agree that this has been foobar from the start apparently.

    My concern is that citizens ought to benefit from efforts to improve our transportation network and in this case, the
    county has, in effect, damaged citizen trust in the process and in the county’s perceived ability to “do” transportation
    improvements “right”.

    It’s a tough enough job even if it is done “right” because folks that get displaced or have adverse impacts to their
    neighborhoods are essentially asked to bear more of the pain than those that will ultimately benefit.

    there are longer term consequences to this snafu that could well hamper the county in other efforts.

  • stait

    Honesty is always the best policy. I personally would have welcomed honest dialog that involved the county, cafaro and the landowners from the very beginning. I think if ALL parties involved had worked together in a respectful manner and without threats and hidden agendas we would not be where we are today.

  • thatguyb

    Add on top of that the request last year from Spotsy to the City to investigate changes to the intersection at BK & CP. This was supposedly to connect the HR Connector to SR3. When I asked, I received that to prevent I-95 traffic from trying to jump across 3 lanes to get to Harrison RD, there would be a concrete barrier. So ‘fixing’ traffic flow means taking people from Blue & Gray Pkwy into the Mall one light earlier? VDOT thinks this would improve an F intersection, but they haven’t been very open in showing complete details to the public. All they have presented is adding 3-4 more turn lanes out of the mall.

  • lgross

    a CD lane (like the one on N I-95 , Route 17 East exit) that would take traffic to Harrison Road and then on to 208

    but even a mall connection to Harrison Road may be very useful if folks headed to the homes around the Leavells/Harrison intersection would use it
    instead of Salem Church Road.

    It will function as a “reliever” road for Route 3 and Salem Church – which causes quite a bit of afternoon congestion on Route 3 west in the evenings.

    I-95 needs CD lanes like the one in Stafford and others in NoVa but that ain’t going to happen in our lifetimes.