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Setting the tax rate

Spotsylvania Treasurer Larry Pritchett is concerned about the Board of Supervisors schedule of setting the tax rates on April 28. In a March 11 memo to supervisors, Pritchetts asks supervisors to have both the personal property and real estate tax rates set by April 15 so that his office can meet the 14–day mailing requirement for tax bills. He said preparing the bills  and assessing property takes a lot of time.

He also makes a cost-savings argument because postage is set to increase again by 4 percent on May 11. Tax bills that normally would be in the mail by May 3 wouldn’t get out until May 20 if the rates were set April 28.

Taxes are also due June 5, and residents are used to getting these bills 30 days before they are due. Pritchett said he is concerned that any delay would give less time for residents to pay the tax bills.

“The delay in sending out tax bills may result in a need for overtime because of the already increased workload from a vacant position that cannot be filled at the shorter amount of time for processing payments before the June 5 due date,” Pritchett wrote.