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Stafford may have really upset Spotsy supervisors

I think it is safe to say that a majority, if not every single one, of the Spotsylvania supervisors is pretty ticked off with Stafford County supervisors right now. I spoke to three supervisors yesterday and not one was happy about the Stafford supervisors’ action Tuesday night. You can read it here.

Supervisor Benjamin Pitts heard about the action on my blog yesterday and he tried calling me, and he also chimed in by e-mail. He’s not really happy either. 

He said:

I was just reading your blog on Stafford’s VRE bill. I tried calling you, but you weren’t in. The issue was discussed Monday night at the FAMPO meeting by one Stafford Supervisor (Mark) made the statement that. "we are going to send a message to Spotsylvania County." My response at that time was to "make sure that you send the correct message."


In my opinion, Stafford County has sent the wrong message, and that is unfortunate. To begin with they have no "legal authority" to be sending anyone a bill.

Will the actions of the Stafford supervisors ruin the chances of Spotsylvania supervisors voting to join VRE? Jerry Logan, who is a swing vote on the issue, said the the decision in Stafford to bill Spotsylvania certainly won’t help matters. Gary Skinner, who is pro-VRE, was even upset about what Stafford supervisors did. 


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  • lgross

    WaPo reports that people are now moving OUT of places like Spotsylvania… and further a belief that people are not going to be comfortable with
    moving down here and buying a house – if they cannot sell it later if they need to or even if they can but they have to take a loss on it.

    Second – the HOT Lanes are coming. For the most part – much of the public including commuters.. and including VRE riders are if not blithely unaware..
    are not appreciating how the HOT Lanes will affect commuters in some profound ways IMHO.

    I predict that if the HOT Lanes actually go forward ( it’s a private endeavor …affected by the availability of capital) – that it may completely change the
    way people commute.

    In a nutshell.. lots more commuter buses..

    and those commuter bus folks are going to be asking


  • lgross

    … how come the county collects taxes from everyone and pays a subsidy for VRE and not for commuter buses and van pools.

    I don’t think what Stafford said will affect most BOS… most seem pretty even-keeled IMHO but if it came down to really, really close call and might require a bit
    of falling on one’s sword for the sake of good ole Stafford.. I would not be surprised to see a demure or two and if Stafford was trying to actually turn a vote…
    well… ha ha ha… they better keep their day jobs!

    This is an honest-to-pete philosophical governance issue here.

    As a BOS – are you going to be guided to represent your constituents even if you don’t agree with them.. or are you going to do what you consider the “right”
    thing even if it costs you?

    or will one or more groups become vocal advocates?

  • gramps

    what the Stafford BOS thinks or does. They have enough problems up there without worrying about the problems down here; even when they “think” one of our problems is affecting them. This whole VRE “brouhaha” is just nonsense. Did you see the ridership figures published in the Mar 19 FLS? The morning and evening commutes each, carry only about 8700 passengers. That includes the F’Burg and Manassas lines. Those figures make me wonder just how essential VRE is to the commuting problems in northern VA. Apparently, the system is not very popular.

  • thatguyb

    First RE:Cont – at least some buses and vanpools are subsidized, Fred – subsidy, most rideshare vanpools – subsidy and assistance. Ride Connect – subsidized. VDOT paving, all taxpayer supported.

    Now, to the post – lets talk about who’s upset who. Ever since VRE was included in a comprehensive bond package, and was approved, don’t you think it has upset Stafford, Fredericksburg and every other VRE jurisdiction when the BOS refuses to vote for joining?

    The BOS just voted to futher expand future infrastructure requirements out to the most rural areas with the 3ac provision. Taxpayer money wasted on more blacktop, subsidizing horible growth patterns, yet turn their back on regional public transportation and VRE – nor have they publicly offered an alternative.

  • lgross

    what I’m asking is why the 2% tax should
    allocate ADDITIONAL subsidies on top of existing
    Federal ones to VRE riders and not to other
    van/car pools and commuter buses?

    What justifies VRE getting a separate subsidy?