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Mary Lee Carter supports the 3-acre ag lot proposal that passed

Planning Commissioner Mary Lee Carter just called me out during the meeting. Of course, I wanted to help her clear up her concerns so I decided to provide her with the information that she wanted, but in case you missed it on television here’s the scoop:

Mary Lee Carter, chairwoman of the Planning Commission, asked the deputy county attorney if she could ask me, "the press," a question. She was upset about the 3-acre editorial this week and how it was incorrect. I looked at her and nodded that she could ask me questions. She wanted to know if the editorial was corrected. It was corrected.

I wrote a blog post here about the 3-acre editorial and the error in it. The correction yesterday stated that it was the planning department that recommended the commissioners vote down the proposal to allow for 3-acre agricultural lots. But I gave the editorial department the wrong vote. Mary Lee Carter was absent from this vote, and the real vote count was 5-1 in favor of it. Mary Lee said she was sick and missed voting on what became the biggest issue so far this year for the county. I told her that the vote in the correction was wrong, but the bottomline is still the same: the Planning Commission recommended supervisors approve the 3-acre lot proposal. Ms. Carter said if she was here, she would have voted for it anyway.

I hope this puts to rest the confusion. Up next is a vote on whether there will be about $1,500 in fees to apply for a 3-acre lot division.  



  • vegtblelasagna

    $1500.? What fees are this? Subdivison plat? Building permits? Land disturbance permits? Title work? Or a fee for a by-right lot to be subdivided with the counties’ blessing? Recordation and a small review fee should be in order…but $1500? Do you know what the fee is for dude?

  • lgross

    My guess would be that it would be a fee to pay for the planning department to validate and verify things like property lines, drain field areas, driveways, curb-cuts, etc.

    but it would be good to get the correct answer.

    What I found interesting is that – if there actually was an INTENT on the part of the BOS to tie the fee to the ordinance in one fell swoop with one vote – why did they two-step it?

    I was pretty surprised to watch the BOS – AFTER they took the vote …on the 3-acres.. dither for a while trying to decide when to consider the fee issue.. when they suddenly realized that the PC would
    also would have to deal with it so then they proceeded to decide when it should go on their calendar.

    All of that ..told me.. that there was no intent at all …to tie the fee to the relaxation rule.

  • dantelvock

    The fees to apply to divide an agricultural lot into 3 acres are for:

    Planning Review: $1050 per lot + $150 for 3rd and subsequent plat review

    · GIS Review: $300

    · Application Processing Fee: $50