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Onorato and neon signs

As I finish up my story about Vince Onorato’s announcement that he is running for the Lee Hill District, I am debating whether to write a story about all of the discussion on the neon signs from Tuesday night. I cannot get out of my head the picture of Five-Mile Fork looking like Las Vegas. Is that possible? And also stuck in my head is Supervisor Benjamin Pitts’ comment that he thought the reason the city had issues with the neon in Central Park was "because it was so ugly Silver decided to take it down."

It is fair to say that as I sit there and remain objective about what they are saying, sometimes I cannot help but laugh. I’m thankful I get to cover this county and its government. They don’t usually have terribly long meetings, and sometimes you’ll get that gem of a discussion that just makes you laugh. What a job, eh? Oftentimes, Emmitt Marshall has the zingers. But Pitts stole the show Tuesday night. And I believe he was serious. 




  • lgross

    I think the planning department is going on the deep end here.

    This is not the first example.

    First – there is a difference, as pointed out to them by Mr. Logan between neon and plasma/led
    screens but what really concerned me was that they were looking for essentially carte blanche
    control of the issue without putting one word down about actual policy and implementation.

    So they wanted the BOS to sign off on something that was going to cost the businessman ..what
    $4500 JUST to ask for permission?

    Mr. Logan said, as a businessman, he would view this ordinance as business “un-friendly” and
    he is right on target…

    I think from now on, the BOS should insist on a standing committee made up of business
    people to review all proposed ordinances and policies that affect business….

  • dantelvock

    I guess this means I should write a story about it? Maybe just a blog post. I have a good story I am working on today hopefully for tomorrow’s paper but I need to get a hold of people and I’ve had no luck yet.

    Saw my first Bald Eagle in flight today….and it has everything to do with this story. Stay tuned

  • johnfgustafson

    Bald eagles are magnificent birds. I frequently see them in Westmoreland County along the Potomac River. I’m lucky that much of my work is out that way on the Potomac.

  • lgross

    Well.. I saw an eagle today also.. swooping down
    from it’s nest to swoop up a fish … spectacular…

    but I’m confused as to what eagles have to do
    with neon….

    We can have a vibrant business community AND