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Vince Onorato is back…sort of

Former one-term Lee Hill District Supervisor Vince Onorato has filed his election paperwork to challenge Gary Skinner.

Skinner is now in a three-way race and statistics show that it is very difficult to defeat an incumbent when he has two challengers because of the vote splits. Just review the election results for Emmitt Marshall, who has had two challengers in two elections in a row, and you will see what I mean.The majority of Berkeley District residents did not vote for Mr. Marshall when you compile the votes of his two challengers. That doesn’t mean if one of those guys did not run that some of those votes could have gone to Mr. Marshall.

Onorato sent me an e-mail to announce his candidacy. He said his slogan will be "open and honest government." Onorato relayed to me that he has not spoken with Republican D.J. McGuire, who earlier announced he is challenging Skinner. Onorato was a Republican when he was on the Board of Supervisors. Well…wait…Onorato ran as an independent and then became a Republican. His decision to run as an independent this time surely means he did not want to challenge McGuire in a GOP primary. Onorato recently spoke at a board meeting during a public comment portion. You can read what he had to say here. I live blogged it :)



  • dobreshunka

    He cannot see a Republican runoff against a person noone knows and beating Skinner one-on-one is a better idea than a three-headed election?

    That alone should send up red flags to every voter.

  • dantelvock

    I plan to talk to Vince later about his decision dobra, but he did say that he decided to be an independent because he is “…a fiscal conservative but a social moderate.”

  • Minuteman

    You will make an otherwise bland contest
    entertaining! The dozens of people who voted
    for you last time appreciate your willingness to
    serve again.

  • lgross

    well.. here was the results:

    Gary F. Skinner 1,758
    Julie A. Hamlett 405
    Vince C. Onorato 838

  • southwest

    This news is almost as bad as the daily news on the economy. The word on the street is that the Republican Party got rid of Vince and that is why he is running as an independent.