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Sad, sad day for the industry

Here at the Free Lance-Star, we recently dealt with the first layoffs of news people in the paper’s history. We’re also dealing with the retirement of an icon here, Nancy Moore, a managing editor who will leave this newsroom just hours from now. She’s a true newswoman, and inspired a lot of good work here. 

But in Denver, it’s far worse. It’s heart breaking, as a journalist, to watch the videos and see what has happened to the Rocky Mountain News. I almost wish I didn’t go to the site today to view all the videos and read the goodbyes. It’s ruined my Friday and scared me to death. I have writer’s block now. I’m saddened. 

But, for you, our readers, check it out here.  Newspapers need your support so much right now. Without newspapers, folks who are trained to work hard at reporting the truth and holding your governments accountable, become obsolete. What will the world be like without reporters, editors and newspapers?

I try not to think about it. But to our friends at the Rocky Mountain News, I wish you all the best in finding new work. Stay strong. I wish I could do something to help.

If you don’t subscribe to a newspaper, give it a whirl. There is always something good to read in every issue. And it’s just cents a day to get it.




  • lgross

    Dan – you are correct.

    I don’t know what is going to happen to News
    Reporting as we know it but it is clear that
    change is underway and the outcome does not
    look good.

    Just one example. When the FLS tries to get info
    and is blocked inappropriately, they have the
    resources to force compliance with FICA.

    With a weaker or lack of presence, it will take a
    determined blogger type – willing to spend
    his/her own money to get the info.

    We need to keep Government’s feet to the fire
    on providing info to citizens – which is an odd
    thing – that citizens who pay the taxes.. that
    pays the salaries .. sometimes those folks work
    to deny information that the public is entitled to.

    Anyhow, hang in there. Those who do the best
    jobs in their chosen careers will often land on
    their feet in uncertain times.

  • gramps

    Dan, Ditto lgross comments. Additionally, I am continually alarmed at the blatant “arrogance” of many of our elected politicians with regard to their actions while “acting in our interests?” Our forefathers would have “tarred and feathered” many of these characters. My personal solution is to not vote for any incumbents.

  • dobreshunka

    As soon as things return to normal with a slight charge for internet access ($10 a month gives you and a Sunday and Wednesday paper) the newspaper industry will never recover.

    Your. Current. Business. Model. Will. Fail.

    Oh, check out the gizmo Hearst is bringing out soon. That is the other glimmer of hope for the industry.