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Getting a deal on Brock Road water transmission line

Supervisors last night accepted a bid from Walter C. Via Enterprises for construction of a 16-inch water main that will connect with an existing 16-inch water main at Brock and Gordon roads. This new line is required for the Courthouse area that currently has water pressure problems. The staff report says that water pressure would not be up to standards once the proposed new county government complex is built.

Via won the bid at $930,122, one of 19 bids. The  highest was $1.7 million. The engineering estimate for this project was $2.4 million, so the county appears to be getting an incredible deal on this work.


  • lgross

    Brock Road be able to hook up to this?

    Will sewer lines also be extended?

    Seems a waste to not lay both since they got to
    dig the ditches anyhow but then again if they do
    that, would it not be a de-facto expansion of the
    Primary Settlement District?

  • gramps

    I am reminded of the old saying, “there is no free lunch.” Could it be that this water line is so attractive price wise is that the cost does not include the attendant sewer line?

  • lgross

    No sewer line – I “think”.

    There’s a new development across Gordon Road
    from the Ni River water plant (which is where this
    water will come from for Brock Road) – and they
    have “water” (from Ni River) but not sewer.

    As far as I know – sewer is at the Courthouse but
    only goes up Gordon Road as far as Smith
    Station Rd.

    But the point is that the BOS has had multiple
    knock-down-drag-outs over where they will put
    water/sewer because it attracts subdivisions i.e.

    It could well be – that the time has come to
    expand the primary settlement area but it would
    be better to have this as an upfront proposal
    rather than accomplished in a “back door” path.