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Luck Stone rezoning update

If you are interested in Luck Stone’s planned expansion at its Smith Station plant, mark March 18 for a public hearing on a special use permit for the project. Here are some details:


SUP009-0001 Luck Stone Corporation:  Requests a special use permit to adjust the internal mining operation of the existing quarry in the Industrial 2 (I-2) zoning district. The approximately 27.84 acres internal portion of property is located off Smith Station Rd at 9100 Luck Stone Lane. The site lies within the Rural Development District of the Comprehensive Plan, which is planned to develop primarily as rural and large lot residential development. The future land use map identifies this area as Employment Center which is appropriate for Office and Industrial development. Tax parcels portion 34 ((A)) 41 & portion of 34 ((A))  41A. Lee Hill voting district.



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