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Gary Skinner vs TheRight-Wing Liberal

Drum roll……………..


Mr. McGuire, it is time for you to call me. Newspaper people have things called deadlines.  374-5438. ASAP. Chop chop.

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  • f4td4ddy

    I don’t think a public call out might be the best way to schedule something. I don’t want to tell you the best way to do your job, you are the reporter, but this way of demanding someone to call you, “chop chop,” seems a bit unprofessional.

    But what do I know, I don’t even have a subscription to your paper…

  • dantelvock

    It was my way of joking with DJ, who has a sense of humor.

  • f4td4ddy

    ah, I see. thank you!

  • demosthenes

    DJ has a sense of humor? Anyway, it does seem kind of forward. You could have asked him to drinks before you try to wring him out.

  • dantelvock

    DJ reads this blog, and he’s a busy guy. I didn’t think I was making him look bad by writing the funny post. I was twittering him, too. He seemed to find it funny when we talked.

    Sorry if I offended you guys. I can get a little goofy on here sometimes. Just stick with me. Sometimes I will hit the jackpot, you know?